Danny Trejo’s Favourite Game of All Time Isn’t What You’d Expect

danny trejo

Recently, gamers were celebrating National Video Game Day, and a social media campaign saw many brands asking users what their favourite game of all time was. One unlikely Hollywood star popped into the trend to make his feelings known, revealing a title that’s not representative of the edgy, intimidating characters he’s known to play on the big screen.

Danny Trejo’s favourite video game of all time is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Wasn’t Expecting That

Danny Trejo is no stranger to the world of gaming. He has appeared in several roles over the years that have taken him from Far Cry to Call of Duty, and his acting career spans more than forty years. It turns out he’s partial to playing games, too – the 80-year-old star revealed that his favourite game of all time is Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It seems bizarre to some that one of the toughest actors in Hollywood, who is partial to playing utterly badass characters, loves such a cutesy game.

The Nintendo Switch-exclusive title was released in 2020 to an overwhelmingly positive reception, with many users pouring onto the platform to create an ersatz life in place of the one they’d had restricted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It became a global sensation, with players worldwide using the freedom of New Horizons to create wonderful islands for others to explore.

Danny Trejo loves Animal Crossing, it seems. Fans of the game took to the comments under Danny’s post to ask him a string of questions concerning his island, his favourite villager, or how many bells he’s amassed, but the actor hasn’t responded to any follow-up comments just yet.

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