BioShock 4’s Developer Is Hiring For 30 Open Positions

bioshock 4

BioShock 4 – which isn’t the official name of the developing title – is a long time coming. It has now been more than a decade since the last BioShock game hit the market, and fans of the franchise are hungry for something new. Ken Levine’s Judas should help fill the gap for a while, but a new BioShock game is long overdue – and 2K’s Cloud Chamber studio is looking to right that wrong by hiring en masse to flesh out the team working on the game.

Just Give Us Something

BioShock is a fantastic franchise beloved by millions, and the origins of the series stretch back almost twenty years. It’s a three-part franchise that toys with reality, giving players fantastical powers and presenting them with immersive stories that unfold in almost mythical locations: a city deep under the ocean and an entire civilisation living in the clouds on airships, for example.

It was recently discovered that work on the next BioShock game is ramping up, with 2K Cloud Chamber, the studio working on the project, posting 30 open positions covering everything from cinematics to narrative. With these positions opening up, it seems unlikely that the development of ‘BioShock 4’ is too far down the line, and last year, a report emerged suggesting that the game had found itself in ‘development hell’.

In May 2023, it was claimed that writing a ‘worthy script’ had been one of the biggest issues with the game’s development, but it was also mentioned that the game was ‘on track’ to release in 2025, which now seems unlikely.

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