Casino Mania No Deposit Bonus

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Casino Mania is a Sweepstakes gaming app that welcomes new players with 5 free SCs.

Due to numerous negative reviews, it seems the application has closed down temporarily or permanently.

Even if it were available, we wouldn’t really recommend it to our readers.

We prefer free casinos with transparent rules, generous bonuses, and good ratings, such as Wow Vegas.

Sign up now to get 5 FREE SC on registration.

However, if you already have an account at WOW, here are some alternatives we recommend.

Read more about the Casino Mania no deposit bonus and overall service on this page.

Is It Only For New Players?

Yes, all Sweepstakes bonuses you get upon registration are for first-time players only.

In case you already have Casino Mania and have used this deal, you have lots of better options.

Can You Cash Out Real Prizes?

Casino Mania claims many things, and letting you redeem cash prizes and gift vouchers is among them.

However, we couldn’t confirm that’s actually the case. Moreover, we found a lot of complaints from players saying they weren’t allowed to redeem a prize.

That’s why we gladly recommend alternative brands where we know that cash prize redemptions work without any issues.

Where Can I Sign Up?

Like so many other SC casino apps, Casino Mania operates in the United States and Canada.

The only exceptions are Washington, Idaho, and Nevada for the US and Quebec for Canada.

In both cases, the minimum age to join the platform is 18 unless otherwise required in your state.

Does It Include Free Spins?

No, the new player offer consists of free coins only.

We liked that you could use the coins on the slots featured on the app, so they work like free spins.

As you remember, the Casino Mania no deposit bonus is 5 free SCs, and let’s say you use them to place 0.20 bets. With wagers of that size, you’ll get 25 spins on your selected slot.

How To Redeem The Bonus Code

We failed to find the application leading to Casino Mania on our last attempt to test out the service.

There is still a Facebook page and a website, but neither offers any practical ways to join the site.

When the app was available, you could get it by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Google Play Store.
  2. Browse for the brand.
  3. Download and install the app.
  4. Open the app and complete your app.
  5. Get the free coins and start playing.

Tips On Completing The Requirements

If Casino Mania is anything, it’s mysterious when it comes to its rules.

We couldn’t really find any relevant details regarding wagering requirements, minimum redemption amounts, or fees.

We have years of experience with Sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses, though.

Based on it, we can guess that free SCs must be wagered once, and you can’t redeem fewer than 50 SCs at once.

Best Games For Casino Mania Prizes

The lack of any actual details regarding payout rates was among the many drawbacks we noticed on Casino Mania.

Without actual RTP rates, we can’t give practical tips on what games to play.

Generally, we say go for cheap slots with small minimum bets and rewarding bonus features.

Phoenix Gems, Happy Lions, and Puss in Boots were some cool options we enjoyed playing.

Why Do Players Like Casino Mania?

We can’t really say that players like Casino Mania. If anything, we found complaints, and we also had some complaints of our own.

There weren’t any Trustpilot pages to give us insights into the app, but Google Play Store raised some red flags.

We noticed several players complaining about the same thing – not being able to redeem a cash prize.

Multiple users shared the same experience. They tried to redeem a prize, but the minimum limit was higher. Even when they collected more coins, they still couldn’t complete a redemption request.

With these serious accusations in mind, we simply can’t recommend you give Casino Mania a try.

Other Ways To Claim Free SCs On Casino Mania

Casino Mania makes some pretty big promises to its players.

It mentions massive progressive jackpots, daily free coins, and other bonus opportunities for those who play regularly.

Even with those ongoing promotions, we can’t recommend this brand because it doesn’t seem like a legitimate operator.

We found some serious complaints, and reaching the website is just too complicated.

If you want a simple, reliable, and rewarding experience, we invite you to check out Wow Vegas.