Official Call of Duty Ray Gun Statue Launches For $600

Activision has revealed an official Call of Duty Ray Gun statue replica that will set customers back a whopping $600.

The Ray Gun is one of the most iconic zombie-killing weapons in zombies, but according to the listing, the replica is a pre-order product and is not available to ship until June 2023. So you’ll have to wait a couple of months before you can kill the undead. You can buy the replica here from the official Call of Duty website, it includes:

  • Scale 1:1
  • Materials: PU, Resin
  • Built-in LED Lights
  • Battle-worn Surface Treatment
  • Unique Mount on top of the Mystery Box

The production description reads:

“Introduced in Call of Duty’s Zombie mode, the Ray Gun is the most well-known wonder weapon from the mystery box. Mystical technology fuels this weapon, helping fans blast through round by round of zombie extermination. 

Visiting the Pack-A-Punch machine only increased the fire power of this weapon, giving you more ammo & splash damage to guide your way through record-breaking levels. 

Now is your chance to acquire the gun that’s always been there for you… and will never run out of ammo.”

New rumors last week suggested that Call of Duty zombies will be returning in 2023, but you can read our thoughts on if it’s true here.

Will you be buying the Call of Duty Ray Gun Replica? Personally, for me, $600 is a bit on the steep side.

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