Call of Duty Board Game Announced, But It Isn’t The First One

call of duty board game

In a few months, a Kickstarter campaign will go live with the goal of funding the development of a Call of Duty board game. There are plans to release said game in 2024, under the super-thoughtful title… Call of Duty: The Board Game.

Reportedly, it’s going to be a hoot, offering tactical gameplay that will be expanded over time, just like a live-service video game, through the release of expansion packs. There will be miniature figurines, additional maps to purchase, and new campaigns introduced as the game’s lifecycle unravels.

But will there be a battle pass?

‘A Thrilling New Strategy Game’

That’s right – it’s a thrilling strategy game, and it has the backing of Activision (thanks, Variety) – but it isn’t the first Call of Duty board game to ever exist.

Midway through 2022, a developer by the name of Wilder produced “Call of Duty: K/D Party Game”, a Warzone-themed romp that uses loadout cards, dare cards, and a map of Caldera to bring a Call of Duty board game extravaganza to any party night.

By all accounts, it wasn’t that bad a game, and it’s quite cheap, selling on Amazon for as little as $25. By contrast, Call of Duty: The Board Game will apparently carry with it a base cost of $50, and unlike the K/D Party Game, it’s designed for two people – with players needing to combine sets if they want to have a four-person campaign.

And apparently, that campaign is based around 2019’s Modern Warfare.

In a statement by Bryan Pope, one of the game’s designers over at Arcane Wonders, explained perfectly how the game will feel to play:

Players simultaneously plan out their moves secretly and then resolve those at the same time out on the map. Line of sight is easily determined by colored lines on the map, and when you do have eyes on your opponent, combat happens. It’s all about outsmarting and outmaneuvering your opponent to get in the best possible position to win in a fight

It sounds intense.

Meanwhile, those that aren’t interested in a Call of Duty board game are eagerly awaiting the next instalment in the main series of games. As we revealed a while ago, there’s a full, premium release coming in 2023, which previously wasn’t going to be the case.

What do you think? Will the Call of Duty board game be better designed than Modern Warfare II?

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