Top Caesars Casino Commercials

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Caesars is undoubtedly one of the best-known casino brands in the world, but that doesn’t mean they don’t go all-out on their advertising campaigns.

As they grow and expand the Caesars online casino and sportsbook apps, as well as their land-based venues, they are finding creative ways to remind their audience why they’re the best of the best.

Even after significantly slashing their sportsbook marketing budget in 2022, Caesars commercials are known for being over-the-top (in the best way), bringing their famous ambassadors to the screen for maximum impact.

Keep reading to learn more about Caesar’s most-watched commercials, why we love them, and where you can watch them yourself if you haven’t come across them already.

Top Caesars Casino Commercials Over The Years

From sporting events to stage shows, and casinos to restaurants, Caesars Palace knows how to provide entertainment.

And, whether you’re in Las Vegas or watching from home on your screen, they want to make sure you remember their brand by producing memorable commercials with some of our favorite celebrities.

Caesars Commercials Starring J.B. Smoove, September 2021

Comedian and actor J.B. Smoove starred as a Caesar who rules the world of sports in a series of commercials to mark the launch of Caesars’ sportsbook app back in late 2021.

Wearing a golden cape over green armor that looks like a jersey, golden glasses, and a Roman-inspired golden crown, he tells an energetic crowd in togas and sunglasses that he made the sportsbook app just for them.

The commercial ends with Smoove urging viewers to download the app and to “put some respect on Caesar’s name”.

You can watch the 30-second spot here.

Another version of the ad has J.B. repeating, “You are! I am! We are all Caesars!” to the euphoric crowd. Watch it here.

Actor Patton Oswalt joins Smoove in a third iteration of the commercial to clarify the bonus offer: Will Caesars cover up to $5,000 in losses on his first bet? It’s almost too good to be true!

Tired of repeating himself, Caesar decrees that, yes, that’s the deal and it’s good for all new customers… except Oswalt’s character, Carl. Watch them face off here.

In yet another ad from the same series, the sun has already set as J.B. tells the crowd they are all heroes.

In turn, the people lift their phones to the sky as they call Caesar’s name, the app’s logo displayed on the screens. This “all heroes” commercial is available here.

Audiences have praised Smoove for his portrayal of Caesar and for bringing his contagiously fun charisma to the screen for the sportsbook ad campaign, which was ubiquitous during the NFL playoffs.

He reprised his role as Caesar in a Super Bowl ad for the brand, co-starring Halle Berry, Eli, and Peyton Manning, their brother and sports TV host Cooper Manning, and their father, legendary quarterback Archie Manning.

More on the Manning family below!

Caesars Commercials Starring Eli & Peyton Manning, 2021-2022

The men of the Manning family all sat down for dinner with J.B. Smoove and Halle Berry for a series of commercials promoting the Caesars sportsbook app for Super Bowl LVI.

At the dinner table, Smoove’s Caesar makes it clear that Eli is the real legendary quarterback in the family. Watch the clip here.

But it didn’t take long for fans to choose the commercial where Smoove plays charades with the Mannings as their favorite.

While Eli and Peyton struggle to guess Caesar’s hints, their brother Cooper gets it right away: it’s Caesars sportsbook app, which has amazing rewards for users.

Archie is a proud father but Eli and Peyton can’t believe Cooper got the 27-word hint. Who guesses that?!

Watch Cooper Manning and J.B. Smoove hug it out after beating Eli and Peyton on this link.

We loved the “behind the scenes outtakes” video in which the Mannings join Smoove’s Caesar and Berry’s Cleo for a press conference.

Peyton, Eli, and Archie also did a commercial for the responsible gambling tools available on the Caesars app. You can watch that here.

In a PepsiCo commercial for the LVI Super Bowl, Eli and Peyton are joined by Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw, and Victor Cruz, who literally bring down the house as they head to the big game.

In yet another ad for Caesar Rewards released in 2022, Cooper goes “full Caesar” at a sit-down dinner with his family, Smoove, and Vince Vaughn. Watch this commercial here.

Caesars Commercial With Martha Stewart & Gordon Ramsay, December 2023

Caesars Palace is an entertainment institution, so it should come as no surprise that they added food legends Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsay to their celebrity roster.

Although the pair don’t exactly star in the 30-second ad for the casino’s rewards program, they both make an appearance to promote their new restaurants.

The commercial, which promotes Caesars’ “one card, one program” rewards system, features eight different experiences guests can enjoy at their Las Vegas venues.

Ramsay, the British chef and TV personality known for his fiery character and foul mouth, opened his first Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2017.

Styled to look and feel like the TV set for his long-running cooking show of the same name, Chef Ramsay has since opened Hell’s Kitchen restaurants in six other Caesars locations including Atlantic City and Lake Tahoe.

As for The Bedford by Martha Stewart, which was inspired by her own 1925 farmhouse in Westchester County, New York, it’s Stewart’s first foray into the restaurant business.

Besides the decor, the menu is also inspired by Martha’s own recipes, which fans the world over have been trying to replicate (to varying degrees of success) for decades.

The American business and media mogul specializing in home, food, and hospitality launched The Bedford in 2022 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, which is part of the Caesars family.

The commercial also features celebrity restaurateur and reality TV star Lisa Vanderpump and renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel.

Lisa’s restaurant Vanderpump à Paris recreates the French capital’s whimsy and romance, whereas Dominique’s bakery is located at the Paris; and Le Cabaret, a sexy show reminiscent of the Moulin Rouge.

Diners can earn and redeem Caesars Rewards at all the restaurants and shows featured in the commercial, which offers endless possibilities with just one rewards card.

You can watch this ad on right here.

Memorable Caesars Commercials

Whether they feature sports and entertainment superstars, food industry icons, or glimpses of their exclusive properties, Caesars knows how to grab and retain their audience’s attention. What are the brand’s best ads, and did any of them convince you to sign up and claim the Caesars Palace no deposit bonus? Did your favorite Caesars commercials make the list?