War Thunder Strategies

To the uninitiated, War Thunder appears simple.

You take control of an airplane or land vehicle, and then partake in round-based matches against other players.

Only one team wins, of course.

By implementing a variety of War Thunder strategies, you can improve your odds of survival and earn an optimal score and become a formidable player.

What are the best War Thunder strategies for beginners to follow?

As a new player, coming into the War Thunder experience usually means going toe-to-toe with players who have flown for many years.

They have vast knowledge about the game, including many aircraft and ground vehicles.

It’s nearly impossible to win a head-on fight against veteran players. But with the right strategies, you can hold your own like I did, even after just a round or two.

Careful preparation beforehand genuinely makes a difference.

First and foremost, make use of your binoculars.

They’re the most convenient and effective way to spot an enemy plane. Plus, they’re free.

The game provides you with this tool from the outset, so use any benefit given to you.

Secondly, focus on grinding airplanes. You’ll spend most of your game time in the air, not on the ground with the tanks, and as such, you will want to unlock the better airplanes.

It does, unfortunately, take some to grind unlocks in War Thunder.

On average, expect to spend up to 1,000 hours to unlock every single aircraft per nation.

Some players do it in less time, and you can pay for a premium plan to help, but it’s unnecessary.

What are the best nations to choose when playing War Thunder?

When first starting this game, many of us tend to make the same mistake. We focus on a single nation in the game.


Several reasons exist, such as our real-life connection to that nation or our knowledge about their air force and ground vehicles from school.

However, it’s a mistake to limit yourself to just one.

Opting for at least two nations is one of the most fundamental War Thunder strategies, as this allows you to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different vehicles. This gives you a broader understanding of the game and enhances your adaptability.

As for which nations you should choose, it’s a matter of personal preference.

The two most common choices for new players are usually the United States and Germany.

Some players lean towards the United Kingdom and the USSR, but the former two nations often offer a more well-rounded and powerful approach to airborne combat in the game.

Remember, your enjoyment and engagement with the game are paramount, so choose the nations that resonate with you.

That said, they’re also much easier to manage.

In a game as complex as War Thunder, with numerous menus, systems, and mechanics to learn as a new player, you want “easy mode” in your first tens of hours.

With that in mind, choosing the United States is often the go-to tactic for new players, including myself.

What are the best strategies to follow when attacking ground targets?

How and when you attack a ground target in War Thunder depends on what vehicle you’re operating.

If you’re in a ground vehicle, you can usually stand toe-to-toe with another ground vehicle player. But if your vehicle is outclassed significantly, which it likely is as a new player, you’ll want to use hit-and-run tactics.

The same goes for flying an airplane against a ground target. Hit-and-run tactics, especially against anti-air vehicles, will win you an air-to-ground engagement.

As a ground vehicle, maintain your speed, stick to the road, and pull up alongside a target.

You want to avoid hitting them from the front. It’s likely your shell will bounce off the target’s armor.

However, the side and back armor proves much weaker on most tank models, so aim for those soft targets first and foremost.

In an aircraft, remember that it takes time for your bombs and munitions to land. You must learn how to lead a target properly.

If a tank is moving along a road, don’t aim directly for the tank. Aim a little down the road, where you predict they’re traveling, and then let loose your munitions.

Eventually, you’ll land the hit every time. It just requires practice.

What are the best strategies for maximizing impact in tank battles?

If you’d prefer to avoid airborne combat altogether and play in ground vehicles, War Thunder allows for this entirely.

You can operate a tank or an armored vehicle, roam the battlefield on the ground, and even take part in ground-to-air combat against players flying their favorite airplanes.

But to win while using a tank, you must think strategically.

It’s essential to, first and foremost, learn your tank inside and out.

How does it control? How fast does your tank move in an open field? What’s the range of its primary weapon? A bit of practice goes a long way.

Furthermore, two quick tips – Don’t be afraid to play in arcade mode while learning the game. It’s much more forgiving.

Secondly, find a good group of players to party up with or enlist a few friends to help maximize tank battles!

What War Thunder strategies can I implement to improve as a pilot?

If you wish to improve as a War Thunder pilot, choose the right nation. You’ll want to fly as the US or Germany, as they have some of the most potent aircraft in the game.

Secondly, use the Test Flight mode to learn the game’s mechanics, controls, and your chosen aircraft.

The more experience you have flying a plane, with all its nuances and quirks, the better you’ll perform in a match.

Lastly, don’t rush. A dive-bomb looks cool during mid-air combat, but it’s usually ineffective and leaves you open to attack.

Take your time, mind your flanks, and choose the right opportunity to strike your opponent from the side or rear.

Overall, War Thunder has had years of development, which means countless complex mechanics and game systems that, to the layman, feel overwhelming.

It’s best to take your time and not rush into the experience; otherwise, you risk bouncing off the free-to-play game harder than a mid-air collision with your opponent!

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