War Thunder Nations

When you first start playing War Thunder, you may not have a preference as to which nation to play.

They all appear relatively similar, albeit with a few mechanical design differences.

Here, we’ll delve into the various War Thunder nations available to play, as well as their aircraft and ground vehicles, to help you make an informed decision!

What War Thunder nations are available to play?

United KingdomJapanAustralia

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the first factions available to new players.

Unlike most other nations in the game, the United Kingdom begins its development tree with old-school biplanes, such as the Fury and Gladiator series of airplanes, before inevitably pushing forward with the Hurricane and Spitfire—fan favorites.

United Kingdom Aircraft

If you’re just counting the airplanes, there are just over 110 aircraft models.

This number includes variations of each unique aircraft, such as the numerous Meteor, Spitfire, and Harrier models available to players.

Then, of course, you have helicopters. There are only seven to play around with, though.

United Kingdom Ground Vehicles

The UK’s ground vehicles include various tanks and armored carriers, some of which fall into the premium vehicle tree.

There are just under 100 to choose from. Thankfully, the clear majority of UK tanks are free for everyone to research.

United States

As a new player, chances are high that most will select the United States as their starting War Thunder nation.

The iconic airplanes, battle-hardened tanks, and even powerful and agile helicopters make them a force on the field.

Plus, they have an extensive research tree to get through!

United States Aircraft

Like the United Kingdom, the United States aircraft start at Rank I with a handful of biplanes and sleek fighters before you research up the tech tree.

As you progress, you’ll unlock iconic fighters like the P-51, B-17, and F-16. Like with the UK, there are approximately 100 airplanes to choose from.

United States Ground Vehicles

Of the many ground vehicles in the game, the US tanks typically have the best mobility but weak armor.

If you don’t mind hitting fast and tactically retreating, then the approximately 100 ground vehicles should offer you plenty of opportunities for hit-and-run tactics.


Germany, of course, played a significant role throughout military history.

As such, they’re a popular choice in the War Thunder game, with powerful tanks, agile fighters, slow-moving yet powerful bombers, and even helicopters that stand on their own.

They’re one of the most popular factions in the game to date.

German Aircraft

German aircraft range from slow-moving biplanes to swift and sleek fighters that dominate the skies overhead.

Their best planes are, of course, hidden within the premium tree.

However, free players have plenty of options in the approximately 100 aircraft in Germany.

German Ground Vehicles

As far as ground vehicles go, few other nations compare to the hard-hitting armor of WW2-era Germany.

Their Panzer, Tiger, and Panth series of tanks dominate battlefields relatively quickly. You’ll win rounds if you can learn to maneuver these slow-moving tanks.


While they weren’t known throughout history for touting the most potent air force or ground-based vehicles, Italy remains as one of the War Thunder nations that can hold their own.

That said, they’re a more niche faction.

If you’re a fan of Italian history or their abrasive and unique vehicle designs, you’ll have fun flying for Italy.

Italian Aircraft

Regarding Italian aircraft, they have far fewer planes and bombers available to them compared to most other factions in the game.

The US, UK, and Germany boast over one hundred, but Italy has only 60-70 available, including the premium tree.

Italian Ground Vehicles

They do, however, offer plenty of armored vehicles to unlock.

You have tanks, some borrowed from the US tree, plenty of anti-aircraft trucks, and even nimble personnel carriers.

When used appropriately, Italian ground vehicles excel at hit-and-run tactics in War Thunder.


France is another niche faction in War Thunder that typically attracts those born within the country or those with a deep love for the country’s history.

While limited and strange in aesthetic design, their selection of aircraft proves formidable. Their ground vehicles, however, start weak and end strong.

French Aircraft

There are many French aircraft, ranging from Tier I options like the H-75 to the iconic yet odd Mirage 4000 with its unique wingspan.

However, all prove entertaining to fly, and you’ll find yourself roaming the battlefield in style.

French Ground Vehicles

If you can push through the tech tree to unlock the more powerful tanks available to France, you’ll find their ground vehicles more than capable of winning fights.

But first, rock the D2 medium tank before moving on to the Crusader Mk. II and then the Leclerc series.

Soviet Union

Alongside the US, UK, and Germany, the USSR is one of the most popular War Thunder nations.

In fact, it’s one of the key factions most experienced players recommend to newcomers, as its available aircraft and ground vehicles offer survivability in addition to the numbers.

Russian Aircraft

While viable, the Russian aircraft in the early game becomes overshadowed entirely by the selection of premium vehicles.

But as you move through the tech tree, you’ll find the IL-2, Su, and MiG series and the recent Su-25SM3.

Russian Ground Vehicles

As for ground vehicles, the Russians typically throw large numbers at enemies to overwhelm an opposing force.

As such, their early war tanks, while nimble at times, often have weak armor.

But as you progress through the tree, you’ll find better tanks capable of standing toe-to-toe with other factions.


Japan is one of the minor War Thunder nations that relies heavily on skill-based maneuvers and combat tactics over sheer force through armor and weaponry.

If you practice with the Japanese vehicles, you’ll find them a viable and worthy faction to play.

Japanese Aircraft

Japanese aircraft range from the occasional biplanes in the early game to the high-speed F-series fighters in the late game.

Though it’s costly, you’ll want to fly the F-4EJ Kai Phantom II.

Japanese Ground Vehicles

Early-game Japanese tanks certainly aren’t the best in the game.

Honestly, they’re some of the weakest, but in the hands of an experienced player, they can excel at hit-and-run tactics.

But their late-game Type-series prove far better overall.


In War Thunder, Australia is part of the British Commonwealth.

As such, they borrow the same aircraft and vehicles as what you’ll find on the UK tech tree.

You’ll love this faction if you don’t mind UK aircraft, but with a bit of Australian flavor.

Australian Aircraft

As said, their aircraft borrow heavily from the UK.

Their most commonly known and utilized aircraft include the Beaufort, Boomerang, and Wirraway.

Australian Ground Vehicles

As for ground vehicles, they once more borrow from the UK.

Overall, a strong cast of ground vehicles, including tanks and armored carriers, becomes stronger the deeper into the tech tree you move!

Every faction in War Thunder proves viable.

If you take the time to learn your favorite faction’s aircraft and ground vehicles and spend points and currency researching new models, you’ll go toe-to-toe with most players!

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