Tentlan Rituals

This game is based entirely around the Aztec civilisation, a people famed for their belief in powerful gods.

By appeasing these gods and performing rituals, you can unlock some substantial buffs and bonuses to give you an edge over neighbouring nations.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about Tentlan rituals.

What are Tentlan rituals?

Tentlan rituals are special ceremonies that can be performed to pay tribute to the Aztec gods.

This unlocks exclusive benefits and boosts that can give you a searing advantage in the game.

In this game, rituals take the form of dances.

The settlers in your city visit the Moon Temple to perform an artistic tribute. It is primarily to advance the in-game seasons, which is pivotal in some places.

However, it is not necessarily vital for completing the game.

What are the benefits of rituals for players in Tentlan?

If you’re performing one of the dance-based rituals in the Moon Temple, you’ll be doing so to ‘fast-forward’ time.

When you assemble your settlers to honour their gods, the seasons will change. That’s accomplished at the press of a button.

It doesn’t take long to perform the ritual.

Once it has wrapped up, you’ll find yourself in a different season. This will bring with it a range of changes that’ll have some kind of an impact on your city.

One of the leading benefits of rituals is to unlock certain constructs, Feasts, or research projects.

Some are time-bound and can only be carried out in summer or winter, for example.

Also, the changing of seasons offers various advantages when it comes to leading espionage-based raids and attacking neighbouring cities.

For instance, summertime brings around a 20% boost in cacao production and research speed. It also brings 20% decrease in the production of corn.

What are Dances?

Dances are the ceremonies that you perform in Tentlan to recognise and appease the gods.

Primarily, you’ll be doing the Wind Dance.

This is the performance that accelerates seasons, encouraging powerful winds to advance time at a supernatural rate.

How can players change seasons in Tentlan?

Once you’ve built the Moon Temple, you can use it to change seasons.

  1. Access the Moon Temple
  2. Click on the season you want to advance to
  3. Press ‘Perform Ritual’
  4. Wait for the Ritual to finish and take advantage of the new season

Why do players need seasons?

There are some restrictions in place in Tentlan that are blocked by certain seasons.

Without switching seasons, some research projects will remain locked. This means some buildings, skills, and upgrades will remain inaccessible.

That’s the main reason why you’d need to change the Tentlan seasons.

What are Feasts?

Feasts are another type of ritual that allows players to apply powerful buffs to their city, army, or production rates.

Like the Dances, the Feasts are triggered at the Moon Temple. The effects they award players with are temporary, with some lasting mere minutes.

It’s a powerful trade-off if used correctly, though.

How long do Feasts last?

There are four different Feasts in Tentlan, each boasting a unique attribute that’ll be bestowed upon a player upon completion.

The Fire Feast will double the strength of your units, and it can last from 10 minutes to one hour.

Similarly, the Lightning Feast will double the speed of your unit. This again can last from 10 minutes to one hour.

The Cantepec Feast allows you to move units around the map without ‘spending’ corn, as long as you do so within a 15-minute window.

Finally, there’s the Oracle Feast. This allows you to view the on/off status of any player for 15 minutes.

How often can players activate a Feast?

There is a split between Feasts in terms of how and when they can be activated.

If you’re focusing on Fire Feasts and Lightning Feasts, you can activate them once every two weeks.

Researching Cosmology can reduce that cooldown time.

They’re relatively easy to activate when that cooldown timer has run out, though.

Cantepec Feasts and Oracle Feasts are different.

They can only be activated during in-game events, and to unlock them, players will need to collect piles of valuable crystals.

It is worth noting that you can only activate one Feast at a time.

If you try to activate another one, it’ll simply override the first.

How do Feasts and Dances differ from one another?

Feasts are used to gain substantial, time-bound benefits in-game.

Dances are used to advance the in-game seasons, moving from winter to spring to summer, and so on.

They’re both performed at the Moon Temple and have pre-requisites. However, the outcome of each is very different.

Rituals might not be something you’ll participate in very often.

When you do activate one, you’ll be able to reap the benefits and advance the game at a much faster pace.

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