Tentlan Espionage

In this game, players must strategise in order to succeed.

That means planning ahead for battles, resource management, and even spying is essential.

On this page, we will guide you through Tentlan espionage and how you can use this to gain the upper hand on opponents.

What role does Tentlan espionage play?

Espionage plays a similar role in Tentlan as it does in real life.

Using spying mechanics, players can scope out a neighbouring nation in anticipation of an attack or a better defence.

If a player wants to spy on another user, they can dispatch spies to investigate what’s going on behind their city walls.

Several factors will determine the success of that espionage mission.

Although epic battles may be feature of this game, it’s not always about engaging in an all-out war.

By using Tentlan espionage mechanics, players can try to get an advantage and learn when it’s best to attack an enemy.

How can I spy on other players in Tentlan?

Spying on other players is quite simple.

It involves merely accessing Tentlan’s map screen, scrolling until you find a city that you’re interested in, and clicking the ‘Spy’ option.

I would advise you to bear in mind that you can also spy on Barbarian Camps. This will increase your chances of success when you decide to raid one.

Once you’ve found a city you want to investigate, you can select the number of units you want to send on the espionage mission.

This is entirely up to you.

This is one of the leading factors that determine your chances of success.

What factors influence the success of espionage?

The success of your Tentlan espionage attempt is predicated on several factors.

Way back in 2015, the developers of the game introduced a series of changes that made espionage a little more complicated.

They stripped away a simple ‘fire-and-forget’ model, making it more mathematic.

Firstly, the most important factor is the size of the unit that you send to spy on another city or Barbarian Camp.

If you don’t send enough spies, you’ll be unsuccessful in your attempt.

If you send too many spies, you run the risk of being spotted by the enemy’s counterespionage teams.

It’s tough to strike the balance.

While it’s mostly driven by luck, a little experience will allow you to eventually gauge how big a squad to send on an espionage mission.

Next, players will find themselves somewhat constrained by espionage levels.

If you’re trying to spy on a city run by a player with a much higher espionage level, you’ll be unsuccessful and a battle will ensue.

Sometimes, even sending an overwhelming force of spies isn’t enough to overcome this blocker.

This element also determines the level of detail you’ll receive in an ‘espionage report’ following a successful raid.

Elsewhere, other factors will determine your potential success level. This includes the enemy player’s standing army size and the strength of their walls.

How much information can I receive about my opponent?

When you’re performing an espionage raid against an opposing city, you will gain a wealth of knowledge.

This includes the size of your enemy’s army, the volume of their resources and supplies, and the strength of their settlement.

The higher the level of success you come away with, the more information you’ll learn.

There are restrictions, though.

For instance, you cannot perform espionage against a player whose city score is more than five times higher or lower than your own.

This is primarily to stop powerful players from taking advantage of their position and raiding weaker or newer cities.

Once your Tentlan espionage run is over, you’ll get a report that will showcase everything you’ve learned.

However, this can be empty even if the mission was a success.

This is because it’s a probability-driven system that isn’t always cut-and-dry.

Will another player be informed of my espionage attempt?

If you try to spy on another player, they will be notified of the attempt.

However, they won’t be told about it while it’s happening unless certain factors come into play.

For instance, if the defender’s espionage level outpaces the attacker’s level, the espionage attempt will likely be stopped in its tracks.

From here, a battle will take place. That is when the defender will be notified.

If a player has an upgraded Watch Tower, they will be able to spot spies coming.

This will give them an advantage before the attempt has even taken place.

If the espionage run is unsuccessful, the defending player will also be made aware of it. They will receive a notification that stresses who tried to spy on them, allowing them to potentially reciprocate.

Implementing Tentlan espionage strategies should be a key component in your gameplay.

It can allow you to get the edge in an upcoming battle and give you a better chance of raiding a city or a Barbarian Camp.

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