Taonga Strategies

You wouldn’t expect a cozy game that revolves around farming to involve much strategy, but Taonga will surprise you.

Throughout this page, we will break down the most effective Taonga strategies. This will include everything from crafting to expansion and energy management.

What are the best strategies for beginners to follow in Taonga?

While you may be familiar with similar styles of games, Taonga is a new breed altogether.

It is more challenging and complex to master than your average mobile farming game, so the best strategies for beginners prove the perfect starting point!

First and foremost, like most mobile/browser games, I advise you to focus on your quests.

They will provide plenty of starting resources, including energy and experience points. These will help you gain a foothold in this idyllic world.

As you gain experience, you will inevitably level up. As this happens, you will perceive additional rewards and refresh your energy.

It’s vital to keep the energy flowing to handle most tasks in the game.

Next, don’t forget to explore.

It’s easy to become wrapped up in the day-to-day of running an island and farm venture.

However, if you spend some time scouring the beach, you’ll note an abundance of sea creatures that, when clicked on, will provide you with energy and coins.

At the same time, you can also clear some of the surrounding trees and stones to free up space for crucial structures.

As you clear obstacles, you’ll receive a treasure chest with more free energy.

What are the best farming strategies that players should follow in Taonga?

You will start every island in Taonga with farm plots, where you will grow your crops. As you expand, you’ll require additional plots, which sell for one energy in the shop or by using the shovel tool.

On your Home Island, you can only have 25 farm plots.

From my experience, you should prioritize what you plant and where you place each one down.

Taonga rewards careful planning and optimization, so tart with a plan!

In this game, energy is the lifeblood of your operations. Without it, you’re at a standstill—no building, no plowing.

That’s why the best farming strategy I can offer is to focus on significantly increasing your energy supply.

We’ll delve into more energy tips later, but for now, remember this: energy is everything in Taonga. Harvesting your crops may be free, but the path to success is paved with energy management.

Lastly, you will want to upgrade your farm plots to fenced farm plots. This will allow you to grow additional vegetables, roots, or grain.

One of the key benefits of a fenced farm plot is that it does not require ploughing. You won’t spend that one energy point!

There’s a catch, however.

A fenced farm plot proves extremely expensive, with each one setting you back 75 diamonds in the shop.

You can only have 20 on your Home Island, unlike the 25 allowable farm plots. It’s a gamble.

What are the best crafting strategies that players should follow in Taonga?

Taonga’s crafting system appears unforgiving and complex at first glance.

It involves placing critical structures, like the Botany Hut, Oven & Grill, or Pastry Shop, which allow you to create unique items.

Once you have such buildings on your home island, you can set them to produce goods using gathered materials.

Of course, gathering materials is the crucial factor here. Without materials in your storage, you can’t craft anything.

When you have a steady supply of resources stored away, you can click on your new crafting building, select the item you wish to make, and then add it to the production queue.

You only have limited space in the queue, however, so focus on high-end items whenever possible.

If you want to increase your crafting queue, expect to pay diamonds.

Once the crafting time finishes, you can automatically use the item or store it away for later use. It’s up to you and your playstyle!

What Taonga expansion strategies should players follow?

There are two primary means to expand your operations in Taonga.

You can clear the land on your home island, freeing up space by demolishing trees and rocks for new construction. Or, you can use the boat to adventure into the world and find permanent islands to settle on and explore.

Out in the wild, you’ll find numerous small islands, including the Island of the Eastern Bazaar, the Island of the Fiery Star, and the Island of the First Accord.

These islands provide story missions, side tasks, new characters, and many rewards.

That said, you must reach a specific level to access certain islands in the game.

If you click on the island, you can learn more information, including its level requirements.

For the time being, focus on expanding your home island.

You can eventually restore the Temple, unlock the Bamboo Bridge at level 8, unlock the Ruined Pier at level 15, and go Fishing at level 21.

Everything you do in Taonga pushes you forward!

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