State of Survival Missions

This guide will discuss the importance of State of Survival missions and how they can enhance gameplay.

We will take a closer look at the different types of missions available, and how you can use them to accelerate player progression.

What are the missions in State of Survival?

Missions are crucial in guiding players through various tasks and objectives within the game.

They provide players with structured goals as they progress through State of Survival.

These missions are categorized as follows;

  • Daily Rewards
  • Growth Missions
  • Story Missions
  • Side Missions
  • Research Tasks

What are Daily Rewards?

In State of Survival, Daily Rewards incentivize players to stay active and complete specific tasks daily.

By completing tasks that offer a set number of points, you can accumulate rewards and Alliance experience points. These can be used to enhance gameplay.

Each day, you can complete various tasks across different categories, such as gathering resources, completing missions, training troops, eliminating enemies, and more.

Upon successfully completing these tasks, players unlock crates containing multiple rewards. These may include resources, items, currency, and other valuable in-game assets.

Rewards must be claimed manually by tapping on the crates. Unclaimed rewards do not automatically go to the reward stash.

What are Story Missions?

Story Missions introduce a new version of Explorer Missions, focusing on a narrative-driven experience for players.

Unlike regular missions, Story Missions are specifically designed to use Limitless Heroes. These are unique characters with distinct abilities and backgrounds.

Currently, there are six Story Missions available. Each of these is centered around a specific hero – Maddie, Nikola, Lucky, Jeb, Trish, and Wolfe.

These missions are divided into sets, 30 of which total 60 missions for each hero’s story.

Embarking on these Story Missions helps to uncover each hero’s backstory and unique challenges. These must be completed sequentially, with players progressing through each story stage to unlock subsequent missions.

As you advance, you can earn rewards such as Hero Profile Gear. This can be used to enhance hero statistics and capabilities.

What are Growth Missions?

The Growth Missions in the dystopian world of State of Survival are essential parts of the game’s progression system.

They provide a structured route for you to enhance your settlements.

These missions offer specific objectives to upgrade buildings up to level 30, guiding you to advance your infrastructure.

These tasks can be found in the “Missions” tab.

They offer Chief EXP as rewards.

By completing each mission and claiming its associated rewards, players can steadily improve their settlement capabilities and unlock further opportunities for growth.

As these are available to all players, they provide a standardized framework for progression. This ensures consistency across different states and alliances within the game.

What are Side Missions?

Side Missions are additional objectives that you can complete to earn rewards.

These missions include upgrading heroes, defeating infected enemies, constructing buildings, enhancing the chief, training troops, conducting research, and gathering resources.

Completing side missions are one of the most effective game strategies for overall development and strength.

What are Research Tasks?

Research Tasks allow players to earn rewards by completing specific in-game activities related to research and development.

These are designed to incentivize players to engage with various aspects of research, such as donating to their alliance, helping allies, completing daily infected challenges, participating in the Explorer’s Trail, gathering resources, and training troops at specific levels.

Each task completed rewards players with a reduced research timer, allowing them to speed up ongoing research projects.

Tasks are repeatable and reset every 24 hours.

You can access research tasks through the “Missions” menu, where you can view a list of available tasks and rewards.

After completing a task, you can use the reduced time on the specified research project mentioned in the dialogue.

State of Survival missions are a core element of the game, as they offer clear objectives and a sense of purpose in navigating the post-apocalyptic environment.

Created to reward active participation and dedication, completing missions is an effective way to improve your character’s strength.

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