Play League of Angels: Pact Online For Free

If you want to become a glorious, powerful angel with untold abilities and the desire to slay endless beasts and creatures of darkness, then you’ve come to the right place.

That’s what’s up for grabs in League of Angels: Pact, the latest game in the League of Angels series that has been running since 2013.

It’s an immersive, enjoyable idle MMORPG with plenty to offer players. In this guide, we’re diving into the heart of it all and teaching you how to play League of Angels online for free.

There are many games out there that offer similar mechanics to League of Angels: Pact, but as a full package, Pact trumps much of the competition.

With stunning visuals, beautiful angel characters, and a diverse array of things to see and do, League of Angels is a solid game.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about playing League of Angels, so read on!

Our Rating:4.1⭐
Genre:Idle MMORPG
Available On:Android, Browser, PC
DeveloperGame Hollywood
Cost:Free-to-play (with optional microtransactions)

What Is League of Angels?

League of Angels is an advanced and accessible MMORPG series that has existed since 2013, drawing in millions of satisfied players. It’s a free-to-play series that fuses action-packed combat and sumptuous visuals, allowing players to become something powerful and graceful at the same time. In League of Angels, players assume control of just that – Angels. They’re tasked with levelling up these characters, equipping them with powerful weapons, unique outfits, and skills that will take them through the game’s many battles against both AI-controlled enemies and other players.

It’s a solid idle MMORPG, which means that while there are skill paths to follow and ways to customise your character alongside other players, combat is an easy thing to understand. There’s very little involvement from the player’s perspective, and it’s all about making sure your character is levelled up and equipped correctly to handle any situation, as your ability to intervene is slim.

Like other games in this niche, League of Angels: Pact can be a bit of a grind, but it’s well worth it when it comes to unlocking the exclusive items that reward that input of effort. If you want to play League of Angels online, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time as you witness everything the game has to offer.

Is League of Angels Free?

League of Angels is free-to-play but does feature optional microtransactions. That’s how these games work, and the important thing to stress is that they’re completely optional. There’s no inherent need to spend money on League of Angels: Pact, but if you want to do so and you can manage your budget effectively, then there’s no harm in doing it.

In League of Angels, you can purchase all kinds of packs that offer boosts, bonuses, exclusive items, and resources. It’s a tiered offering, so it might start affordable, but it can quickly become very expensive, with some bundles costing hundreds of dollars. That’s why it’s important to manage your expectations and your budget, so you don’t sink too much money into the game.

That being said, these packs are a fantastic way to increase your rewards and hasten your progress in League of Angels if you don’t have much free time to play it. If you want to play League of Angels online and you have lots of time on your hands, then don’t feel pressured to spend money on the game – just grind it out, if that’s your thing.

League of Angels Gameplay Features

League of Angels has a core gameplay loop that revolves around summoning, empowering, unlocking, and flaunting Angels. There’s no end to the number of Angels you can promote in combat, and when fighting against a diverse array of bosses, you’ll come to understand that there are countless ways in which you can build and equip your Angel. Here’s a breakdown of the key League of Angels gameplay features:

  • Unlock More Angels: Over time, you’ll be unlocking and empowering more Angels in their fight against the forces of darkness.
  • Fight Epic Bosses: At the heart of League of Angels is a loop that’ll see you fight epic bosses and their minions in search of the finest loot the game has to offer.
  • Collect Everything: There are more than 100 ‘divine weapons’, wings, and outfits to collect in League of Angels, so those who like to seek out 100% completion will be kept occupied for hours on end.
  • Fight With Friends: League of Angels boasts enhanced player-vs-player mechanics that’ll see you join Guilds and fight alongside your fellow Angels in combat against other, real-world players.
  • Complete Tasks: It’s not just the slaying of bosses that drives this game forward. When you play League of Angels online, you’ll learn that there are plenty of tasks and quests to complete to level up.

There’s a lot to be completed in League of Angels, which is one of the driving reasons behind the game’s success.

How to Play League of Angels

There are a few ways to play League of Angels, but the most popular way is through the game’s browser client. This means that all you need to do is access the League of Angels website, log in or create a new account, and start playing the game. As it’s an online game, your progress is stored in a cloud server somewhere, so that means that if you relocate or change your device, your progress will be saved and ready to go for the next session.

League of Angels on mobile is extremely popular, too. There’s an Android application that can be installed at will, and again, it’s free to do so. It’s a highly-reviewed way to play the game, and it offers almost all the same features as the desktop version. It’s highly accessible, too – almost any modern mobile device can play League of Angels: Pact.

Finally, there’s the Steam version of League of Angels: Pact, which was released during the summer of 2023. It’s one of the most advanced ways to play the game, being aligned closely with the browser-based offering, as you could probably imagine.

Best Angels in League of Angels

In League of Angels, you’ll learn that there are dozens of characters you can assume control of. They’re split into three core categories: Attackers, Defenders, and Supporters, and they tend to boast unique abilities and powers that can make it tough to decide which Angel is the best.

Here are the tiers you’ll find yourself working through in League of Angels, with some examples of the Angels that occupy these tiers:

  • S-Tier (Noella, Nina, Apocalypse, Fortuna)
  • A-Tier (Symphonia, Aurora, Lydia, Isolde)
  • B-Tier (Akasha, Mikaela, Alecta, Flora)
  • C-Tier (Kali, Glacia, Brenda, Natasha)

They’re also split up into a range of ‘types’, which are:

  • Intelligence
  • Power
  • Agility

If you want to build the best team of Angels in League of Angels, you’ll need a mix of types, categories, and tiers.

Is League of Angels Multiplayer?

As an MMORPG, League of Angels is a multiplayer game from the start. That’s an acronym for ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game’, and that’s exactly what League of Angels is. It features the ability to interact with other players in many ways.

For instance, you can simply add other users as friends and use League of Angels as a platform to connect with them, or you can join a Guild and embark on adventures together, taking on a wide array of enemies and other players in Guild Battles. There are ‘cross-server battles’ that take place every day, and you can take advantage of these to secure huge bundles of resources and stacks of experience points, depending on how you perform.

It’s a relatively basic offering that aligns closely with competing titles, but it’s just another arrow in the quiver for League of Angels: Pact, which is an already dense game packed with things to do.

Does League of Angels Have a Story?

League of Angels: Pact has a backstory that has been masterfully crafted by the game’s developer. It’s an intriguing concept, even if it doesn’t shine through too obviously in the base game itself. There is a progression line in League of Angels, but there isn’t necessarily a core campaign that you’ll follow.

In League of Angels, a ‘Battle of Chaos’ and a ‘New World Project’ shattered an ancient, Elven society, bringing the world to its knees. There was an enslaving of orcs, mesmerising mermaids were forced deeper into the sea, and a Snow Queen rose in the North to protect her lands and people. It’s now that the Angels rise in League of Angels, fighting ancient races, dominating these areas, and destroying forces of darkness that are attempting to make a bad situation much worse.

If you want to play League of Angels online, you’ll come to learn about this backstory and what happens next.

Best League of Angels Tips

Here are some of our best League of Angels tips, so you can hit the ground running when you decide to play the game:

  • Understand the Angels: There are dozens of unique Angels to unlock and assume control of, each of them boasting a different tier of power and otherworldly abilities. It’s well worth finding out which Angels are worth your time and what happens when they’re summoned.
  • Complete All The Quests: There are plenty of quests to complete in League of Angels, from main story quests and side missions to daily quests and events. If you want to maximise your gains, you should be taking on all the quests and tasks presented to you.
  • Manage Your Resources: In League of Angels, you’ll be collecting Gold Coins and Gems that will allow you to unlock new equipment, skills, and abilities. It’s important to identify the key things you’ll need to purchase, and that might involve saving up for things over time.
  • Upgrade Your Angels: It’s not enough to just understand the Angels, you’ll also need to upgrade them regularly to ensure they stay powerful enough to match the enemies you’ll be fighting.

These are some of the top League of Angels tips for new players. It has a forgiving learning curve, though – after a while, you’ll know exactly what’s needed to become the best you can be at League of Angels.


That’s everything we can cover in our League of Angels review. If you’re convinced and you want to give the game a shot, be sure to check out the various versions available to determine the best way for you to play. Remember, it’s on Steam (PC), Android (Mobile), and in browsers.

Ultimately, you’re getting a huge package in League of Angels. It has plenty to offer both new and veteran players, it looks great on the screen, and the player-vs-player mechanics are enough to give the game a competitive boost.

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