Klondike Quests

Klondike: The Lost Expedition is all about soaking up that sense of adventure. To that end, there are plenty of quests that you can explore as you navigate your way through the game.

Throughout this page, we will take a look at Klondike quests, including what they entail, their rewards, and what’s needed to complete them.

What are Klondike: The Lost Expedition quests?

Klondike quests are like the missions you will find in any other game. They are objective-based tasks that you will need to complete to unlock rewards and advance along a storyline in some way.

Some can be minor, requiring you to fix one thing or collect a single resource. Others will be much more taxing, taking hours to complete in full.

There is a diverse platter of quests available to play. If you plan on completing everything the game has to offer, prepare to wrestle with hundreds of tasks.

Fortunately, entry-level quests in the game are basic and easy to understand, offering a solid introduction. Before long, quests will take you far beyond your farm and into the wilderness in search of lost treasures and hidden rewards.

There is a reason why Klondike is one of the most popular browser games ever made. The sheer depth and breadth of the quests available means that players will be entertained for hundreds of hours.

What rewards can players earn from Klondike quests?

Experience PointsCoinsEnergy
EmeraldsCrafting resourcesBuilding resources
Trading resourcesNatural resources

How to complete quests in Klondike: The Lost Expedition?

If you’re a ‘completionist’, you will want to make sure you are ticking all the boxes in Klondike: The Lost Expedition.

As any veteran player will agree, completing all the quests is a hefty challenge. However, it is worth doing if you want to maximise your level, experience points, money, and resources.

Some Klondike quests will shower you with rewards for doing very little.

Therefore, following the story, going on expeditions, and taking advantage of any limited-time quests that pop up periodically is worth it.

There is a diverse collection of actions you will need to do to tick the boxes in quests.

For instance, the first quest in Klondike – Fix The Sawmill – requires you to complete the construction of the half-built Sawmill. Then, you must start producing timber.

Once that is achieved, you will earn 2,000 Coins and 10 Energy – a handsome reward for a simple task.

Before long, you will need to forge an entire relationship with a population and obtain items of furniture in a faraway location to complete a single quest.

Of course, these quests can be skipped using Emeralds, should you wish to forfeit the rewards.

What types of quests are available to play?

Journal Entry ChaptersExpedition Location QuestsEvent Questlines
Limited Access Expedition Quests

What Journal Entry chapters are included in Klondike: The Lost Expedition?

ChapterChapter NameNumber of Quests
Chapter 1Blue Peaks Valley36
Chapter 2The Tigroid Nugget10
Chapter 3Expedition23
Chapter 4The Fox11
Chapter 5Road to the East30
Chapter 6Moon Well36
Chapter 7Aquamarine Ring10
Chapter 8The Golden Palm9
Chapter 9Railway8

What Expedition Location Quests are included in Klondike: The Lost Expedition?

Location/Storyline NameNumber of Quests
Rocky Coast9
Wind’s Song21
Access to Dragon Wing5
Inti Coast20
Southern Reach23
Forgotten Trail16
Old Depot16
Weather Station17
Gold Rush23

What Event Questlines are included in Klondike: The Lost Expedition?

EventNumber of Quests
Valentine’s Day9
Independence Day10
Alaska Day14
At the Helm20

What Limited-Access Expedition Quests are included in Klondike?

Many limited-access quests pop up in Klondike.

They are typically tied to promotions or special events run by the game’s developer. They are time-bound, which means they are only around for a short while.

Traditionally, ‘Limited-Access Expedition Quests’ offer rewards that can only be earned when that event is live and never again. That is unless the event comes back around, of course.

Examples of limited-access quests that have surfaced in the past include;

  • Deja Vu
  • Brazil
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Interactive
  • Wild Garden

Most often, these events will operate in the same way. They will go live and players will soak up the benefits. With each successive update, the rewards for completion will dwindle and eventually disappear entirely.

There are hundreds of quests in Klondike: The Lost Expedition – more than enough to keep you entertained.

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