Klondike Expeditions

Klondike: The Lost Expedition features a diverse array of locations that can be explored by the player, each of which has unique elements and rewards to be found.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about Klondike expeditions, including how to begin and manage them once your journey is underway.

What are expeditions in Klondike?

As the title might suggest, Klondike expeditions take players on epic journeys across unknown lands.

As one of the core gameplay elements, players will find that they must undertake expeditions to ‘complete’ Klondike. This is especially true as various quests are tied to certain expedition locations.

There are huge benefits to undertaking these, though.

Once you have suited up and headed out into the great unknown, you will learn that there is a bounty of rewards waiting for you.

Some locations offer unique resources that can only be found when going on an expedition. These might be connected to building upgrades, quest objectives, or boosts that you’ll need to lean on later in the game.

It’s not possible to play Klondike and avoid expeditions. While taking part in these, you will organically come to learn about managing your resources and energy levels.

They are, after all, journeys of discovery.

How do players begin expeditions in Klondike?

There are boxes that must be ticked before a player can launch a bold expedition in Klondike.

Much like real life – you cannot just walk out the door and conquer the unexplored world around you.

There are preparations that you will need to make if you want to succeed – or more importantly, to survive.

Firstly, you will need to get a copy of the game’s map, which will fortunately be handed to you when you start playing.

It’s awarded to you when you first arrive at your home station. You will come to learn that much of the map is ‘fogged over’ until you start exploring.

Once you have got the map in hand, it’s time to prepare.

Preparing to undertake a Klondike expedition consists of checking two boxes and making sure key components are ready to go. These are your sled and your dogs.

When you are readying your sled, the main mode of transport, you must ensure that you have enough feed to go the distance.

This will include checking your cargo and how much space you have for resources.

The second part of your preparation stage will involve feeding your sled dogs.

You will need specific food items depending on the dogs that you have pulling your sled, but it all boils down to needing porridge or fish.

Once you have made sure your dogs have had a hearty meal, you will need to navigate back to the map. From there, you can pick the location you want to lead an expedition to.

Some locations will be out of reach until you upgrade your sled or dogs, but that’s part of the core gameplay loop.

What expedition locations are available in Klondike: The Lost Expedition?

Expedition LocationDescription
Wind’s SongA windy location that’ll be the first place
you travel to
AeryA forest region with some mysteries to be solved
UkhtyA dark, foreboding location that sends chills
through the player
Polar-SideA mountainous region framed by golden peaks
IndigoA picturesque location studded with ponds
and plenty of resources
ScalpA dangerous location in the edges
of the Khan Mires
KhanbulatA tribal region that’s home to the Khans tribe
MiragesA curious location that boasts a unique ‘night-time visitor’
WoodsideA forest region that can be daunting at first glance
GladeA relic-filled, ruined map that features a
partially destroyed sanctuary
SunriseAn icy location that features a small encampment
IndimA rural region famed for strong horses
MartuA complex, confusing, and cold maze-like region
ArcaneA perilous region housed at the base
of a monumental volcano
ArnicaA feral, wild region with untrusting tribal clans
Nord-PasA rich region bursting at the seams with wealth and gold
DiamondlandA resource-filled region that, as the name suggests,
houses lucrative loot
CaldosAn entry point to the Golden Canyon
Inti CoastAn ancient, windswept temple location
Southern ReachAn entry point to a lush, rural valley
MachaonA dreamy location that’s home to a stunning observatory
ClawA perilous swamp south of Mirages, a
mysterious location through and through

What special equipment may players need to progress to the next expedition?

EquipmentHow to Get
Bear CoatExchange Windows and Window Glass in Khanbulat
Box of CandlesExchange Pipes and Bricks in Scalp
Box of MatchesComplete quests in The Glade
JerrycanComplete barters at Aery
CompassComplete quests in Scalp or exchange Clock and Nesting Box in Scalp Tent
Fur BootsComplete quests or exchange Watch and Birdhouse in Scalp Tent
HarpoonComplete quests or trade at the Khan’s Tabernackle
Hunting KnifeComplete quests
Kerosene LampCraft at the Barn in your Home Station
PotComplete quests in Khanbulat
Rope LadderTrade at the Windmill in Wind’s Song
Shaman HatTrade at Polar-Side
Sleeping BagTrade at Ukhty
SnowshoesExchange at Aery
TentCraft at the Barn in your Home Station

What are the best strategies to follow when completing expeditions?

One of the most important strategies to consider when taking on an expedition is how you approach energy management.

In Klondike, you will need a lot of energy to complete an expedition.

That is because every location is filled with obstacles and blockers that you will need to chop and push your way through.

Each move in that nature soaks up energy.

To that end, I advise you to take energy-boosting resources, such as high-tier food items, on an expedition in your sled.

That means you will also need to lean on the game’s mechanics when it comes to boosting your maximum energy reserves.

Over time, you will naturally acquire a larger energy bar, but early on, managing your energy on an expedition can be tricky.

It’s a solid tip to upgrade your sled as early as possible – otherwise you could wind up paying a major price.

If you find yourself on a Klondike expedition, you will need enough energy or resources to make the return trip. If not, you will lose all the loot you have collected. This is less than ideal.

With that in mind, make sure you’re heading to Wind’s Song, Aery, Indigo, or Polar-Side to upgrade your sled periodically.

Finally, I have found that keeping an eye on the Klondike news feed for limited-time event areas is beneficial.

These are special, exclusive expeditions that open up in celebration of a particular event or festive period.

They often boast unique, high-value rewards that you can acquire for a short time.

If you are a fan of expeditions, you will not want to miss these.

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