Grepolis Quests

Quests are an integral part of a game, providing the opportunity to earn extra resources and further a player’s progression.

Throught this page, we will discuss Grepolis quests, the various types available, the rewards they offer, and the frequency with which they become available to players.

What are Grepolis quests?

Replacing the traditional tutorial, Grepolis quests offer players a series of tasks to complete.

These range from basic resource management to advanced warfare strategies.

Quests are categorized into different groups, each focusing on specific aspects of gameplay, such as construction, military expansion, navigation, and development.

By completing these, players are rewarded with valuable resources, troops, spells, and culture points.

Resources like these are essential for advancing cities and strengthening positions in the game world.

Who administers the quests in Grepolis?

Grepolis quests are assigned by four advisors, each specializing in different aspects of gameplay.

The Red Advisor primarily focuses on resource management and economic development within the player’s city. These quests often involve trading resources, constructing resource buildings, and optimizing resource production.

The Yellow Advisors’ quests are related to warfare and military strategies. These tasks typically revolve around building up the player’s army, training troops, and engaging in combat with enemy forces or farming villages.

Yellow Advisor quests aim to familiarize players with the mechanics of warfare in Grepolis, including troop deployment, battle tactics, and the importance of military strength in defending against attacks and expanding one’s territory.

The Green Advisor gives quests that involve exploration and expansion beyond the player’s starting island. Quests from the Green Advisor often focus on building transport ships, colonizing new cities, and establishing colonies on distant islands.

These encourage players to expand their influence beyond their starting location.

The Blue Advisor handles tutorial quests aimed at assisting players in various aspects of gameplay. These quests include city management, cultural development, and overall progression within the game.

These quests serve as a guide for new players, providing them with knowledge and skills to navigate Grepolis effectively.

What quest categories are available to play?

There are several categories of quests available to players, each focusing on different facets of gameplay. These include;

Tutorial QuestsThe Islands FarmersResource Supplies
Account ManagementCity ManagementAmong Friends
Together We Are StrongCity DefenceThe Power of The Gods
Secret ServiceBeyond the HorizonCulture Points

What are Island Quests?

Island Quests provide players with the opportunity to immerse themselves further into the role of a ruler by presenting them with a series of decision-based challenges.

These quests, introduced in May 2013, simulate random events that a ruler might encounter, allowing players to make choices that align with their preferred playstyle.

When encountering an Island Quest, you must decide which path to take, each offering different tasks and rewards.

Completing quests involves fulfilling tasks and reaching 100% progress, after which players can claim their rewards.

These rewards vary in level and potency based on the difficulty level, determined by the average city score on the island where the quest spawns.

What rewards can I earn from Island Quests?

ResourcesTroopsCulture Points
Premium CurrencyBuildingsSpells

How often do Grepolis quests become available?

Quests become available regularly, providing players with continuous challenges and objectives to pursue. The frequency varies depending on the type of quest and the player’s progress within the game.

Early on, you may encounter quests more frequently as they progress through the tutorial which is designed to familiarize them with the game mechanics and features.

Certain events or updates may introduce special quests or limited-time challenges. This presents additional opportunities to earn rewards and advance gameplay.

Are quests mandatory?

While quests offer various benefits, players are not required to complete them to progress in the game or achieve success.

You can focus solely on building cities, expanding your empires, or engaging in strategic warfare, without actively pursuing quests.

While not mandatory, quests serve as a helpful tool for guiding players, particularly beginners, allowing you to expand your knowledge, skills, and influence.

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