Grepolis Expansion

Expansion is a major focus in many city-building games, necessary for progression and levelling-up gameplay.

Throughout this page, we will guide you through the variety of Grepolis expansion techniques a player can implement to grow their city.

How can players achieve Grepolis expansion?

Grepolis expansion can be achieved through various means, each presenting challenges and opportunities for growth.

Colonization is one popular method, which sees players establish new cities on other islands or territories. Colonization requires careful planning and resource management to ensure these new cities thrive.

Another choice method is through revolt. Players can incite rebellion in enemy cities and claim them as their own.

Revolts can be strategically orchestrated to weaken opponents and strengthen the player’s presence in key regions.

Alternatively, conquests play a pivotal role in expansion.

Conquests allow players to conquer enemy cities through military strength.

By implementing any of these three tactics, you can become one step closer to domination!

What role does colonizing have in Grepolis expansion?

Colonizing is a peaceful method of gaining a new city without the need to attack or defend against other players.

Also known as founding, this process involves building a new city from the ground up.

Players must meet certain prerequisites, including specific buildings, units, and sufficient culture points.

Once a city is founded, it starts with basic infrastructure and resources, developing into a fully functional part of the player’s empire.

While some players may prefer conquest or revolt for quicker expansion, colonization offers expansion without the uncertainty of combat.

This makes it a viable strategy for steady growth and territorial Grepolis expansion.

What are the basic requirements for colonizing?

Before a player can begin colonizing, they must meet some basic requirements.

Firstly, they must construct certain buildings in their city, including an academy at level 13 and a harbour at level 10.

These are for researching and building colony ships, which are necessary for founding new cities.

Players must have specific units available, which require certain resources to construct, as well as sufficient culture points to support the new city.

While the first city slot may not require culture points, additional city slots will need an investment of culture points for expansion.

What is the best strategy to follow when colonizing?

Colonizing involves careful planning in order to maximize the benefits of expansion.

Players should strategically choose the location, aiming for areas offering strategic advantages such as access to resources, allies, and defenses.

It is crucial to prioritize areas that contribute to the overall growth and strength of the player’s empire.

What role do conquests have in Grepolis expansion?

Conquests involve expanding one’s empire by taking over existing towns owned by other players.

There are two primary methods of conquest. These are conquest by siege, and conquest by revolt.

Conquest by siege involves attacking a target town, ensuring the safe landing of a colony ship, and occuppationto prevent the previous owner from reclaiming it.

Conquest by revolt applies to revolt worlds, where players can instigate a revolt within a city by attacking it.

Both methods require the planning and implementation of strategies, adequate resources, and military strength to execute successfully.

This offers players opportunities to expand their influence and strengthen their empires in Grepolis.

What are the basic requirements for conquests?

Players must ensure their buildings and units are sufficiently developed to begin conquests.

This includes having a level 28 academy to research the necessary technologies, such as colony ships, and a level 10 harbor to build these ships.

An adequate amount of culture points are necessary to accommodate new cities, as each additional city beyond the second requires culture points.

Meeting these prerequisites ensures that players are equipped to for Grepolis expansion.

Conquests involve careful planning and execution to maximize success, while simulatenously minimizing risks.

I would advise players to strategically choose targets, selecting towns that are within a manageable distance and have favourable conditions for conquest.

I conduct thorough reconnaissance to assess the target’s defenses before launching my attack.

Additionally, you should have a strong escort force accompanying your colony ship in order to secure victory, both on land and at sea.

If the colony ship is destroyed, you will need to build another to perform a conquest.

What is the revolt method of conquering?

Regarding Grepolis expansion, the revolt method is a strategic approach to conquest.

It works by inciting a revolution within a target city before the actual conquest. This method differs from traditional conquests by causing internal conflict to overthrow the ruling power.

Players must first send a designated revolt attack to the target city, which aims to weaken its defenses and spread discontent among its inhabitants.

A successful revolt attack will cause a period of unrest, during which the population becomes increasingly dissatisfied with their current ruler.

Players must land a colony ship within the target city to claim it as the new ruler during this window of opportunity.

From my own experience, timing is crucial using the revolt method. This is because you must plan your revolt attacks with periods of defender vulnerability.

What are the basic requirements for the revolt method?

Revolt requires players to fulfil certain conditions before initiating the conquest process.

Players must have the conquest research completed, allowing them to undertake these through the revolt method.

A colony ship and all accompanying resources necessary for its construction are required. Sufficient culture points are critical to accommodate another city, as each new city acquisition consumes culture points.

You will need extra to provide for your new city.

Something I belive that players should not ignore while planning a revolt is alliances.

Both your alliances and enemies play a major role in conquests and revolts. For you, not only does it mean you have reinforcements, but you must make sure a guild member has not already reserved the city you’re attacking.

With the enemy, you need to take note of the alliance they are in, proximity to others, and reinforcements they may receive.

What is the best strategy to follow with the revolt method?

Careful planning and execution ensure success in Grepolis expansion.

One of the best strategies that I have discovered is to thoroughly scout potential targets to evaluate their defensive capabilities and evaluate the attack.

Plan with alliance members to clear the target city of defensive troops. This will make your conquest easier.

Timing is also important when planning with your alliance members, as multiple people may want to attack simultaneously.

Players should time their attacks to coincide with periods of vulnerability for the defender. At these times, a defender is very limited in what they can do.

This makes it the best time to make your move.

Landing the colony ship during the window of opportunity following the revolt phase is vital for a successful conquest.

Grepolis offers players multiple routes for expansion, whether through peaceful colonization, strategic conquests, or inciting revolts.

Regardless of a player’s chosen method, growing your holding is a major part of progression within this game.

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