Grepolis Awards

A unique facet of the Grepolis game is the award system. This sees players receiving awards for combat achievements, empire progression and high scores.

Throughout this page, we will take a closer look at the Grepolis awards structure, and what categories are available for players to aspire to.

What are Grepolis Awards?

Grepolis Awards play a significant role in recognizing and rewarding players for their achievements and contributions to the game.

With the introduction of Grepo Score, a scoring system that measures a player’s overall progress and success, awards have become a fundamental part of the gameplay experience.

You can earn these by completing specific requirements that change daily, achieving a high score, progression milestones, and even event awards. There is always a reason to keep pushing and building your cities.

Awards are divided into two main categories – graded and daily.

What are Graded Awards in Grepolis?

Graded Awards acknowledge players’ accomplishments based on specific requirements. These awards are divided into different grades, with each grade representing varying levels of accomplishment or mastery in a particular aspect of the game.

For example, a player may receive a Grade I Award for meeting the basic requirements of a task, while higher grades indicate more significant achievements, and awards.

The appearance of the award itself changes based on its grade, visually representing the player’s progress and level of accomplishment within the game.

As you unlock higher Grade Awards, you will notice the rewards improve.

Don’t rush to complete them though, as they are permanent opportunities. These awards are meant to provide consistent recognition for regular play.

What type of Grepolis awards?

In Grepolis, the following types of awards are available;

  • Daily Awards
  • Tactics Awards
  • Combat Awards
  • Military Preparation Awards
  • Empire Progression Awards
  • High Scores Awards
  • Heroes Awards
  • Event Awards

What are Daily Awards?

Daily Awards are a set of awards that are only given to one player for each category.

They are represented by a tombstone with a date, which you can earn if you are at the top in that category.

Each set of daily awards is for one server, so players are only competing with others on the same server as them.

These include;

Attacker of the DayDefender of the DayLooter of the DayGreat Power of the Day

What are Tactic Awards?

Tactic Awards are honors given to players for constructing world wonders.

By completing the construction of iconic wonders, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, players earn medals for their accomplishments.

Builder of the Great Pyramid of GizaBuilder of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Builder of the Statue of Zeus at OlympiaBuilder of the Colossus of Rhodes
Builder of the Temple of ArtemisBuilder of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus
Builder of the Lighthouse at AlexandriaVictor of X
Master of X

What are Combat Awards?

In Grepolis, Combat Awards are earned through various military actions, recognizing players’ achievements in battles and strategy.

These encompass a wide range of accomplishments, from defending allies to launching successful offensive missions.

Whether it’s conquering cities, defeating enemy units in battle, or employing divine powers effectively, these awards highlight your military expertise as you progress through the game.

Categories are split into General Combat, Offensive Kill, Defensive Kill, and General Kill.

General Combat Awards

Heroic DeathRelentless FighterConquerorDivine Aid

Offensive Kill Awards

Swordsman SkullsSlinger SkullsArcher Skulls
Hoplite SkullsHorseman SkullsCharioteer Skulls
Catapult Crew SkullsSunk Transport BoatsSunk Biremes
Sunk Light ShipsSunk Fire ShipsSunk Fast Transport Ships
Sunk TriremesSlaughterer of MinotaursSlaughterer of Manticores
Slaughterer of CyclopesSlaughterer of CentaursSlaughterer of Divine Envoys
Slaughterer of HydrasSlaughterer of HarpiesSlaughterer of Medusae
Slaughterer of PegasiSlaughterer of CerberiSlaughterer of Erinys

Defensive Kill Awards

Slingers’ SacrificeHoplites’ SacrificeHorsemen’s Sacrifice
Charioteers’ SacrificeIntercepted Fast Transport ShipsResisting the Manticores
Catapult Crews’ SacrificeIntercepted Transport BoatsIntercepted Light Ships
Intercepted TriremesIntercepted Colony ShipsResisting the Minotaurs
Resisting the HydrasResisting the HarpiesResisting the Medusae
Resisting the Divine EnvoysResisting the CyclopesResisting the Griffins
Resisting the Erinyes

General Kill Awards

Slingers’ DespairHoplites’ DespairHorsemen’s Despair
Charioteers’ DespairStopping Fast Transport ShipsDeathtrap for Manticores
Catapult Crews’ DespairStopping Transport BoatsStopping Light Ships
Stopping TriremesStopping Colony ShipsDeathtrap for Minotaurs
Deathtrap for HydrasDeathtrap for HarpiesDeathtrap for Medusae
Deathtrap for ErinyesDeathtrap for CyclopesDeathtrap for Griffins
  Deathtrap for Divine Envoys

What are Military Preparation Awards?

Military Preparation Awards are received for producing troops for your army.

There are four levels to each award, requiring more and more troops of that kind to be trained.

These rewards are designed to give you consistent rewards as you progress naturally by training your troops.

Legendary ArmyTrainerDetermined Expansionist
Attention, Swordsmen!Attention, Horsemen!Biremes, set sails!
Attention, Slingers!Attention, Archers!Attention, Hoplites!
Attention, Chariots!Attention, Catapult Crews!Transport Boats, set sails!
Triremes, set sails!Hydras, at your service!Pegasi, at your service!
Lightships, set sails!Fireships, set sails!Fast Transport Ships, set sails!
Minotaurs, at your service!Manticores, at your service!Cyclops, at your service!
Harpies, at your service!Medusae, at your service!Centaurs, at your service!
Cerberi, at your service!Erinys, at your service!Divine Envoys, at your service!
Griffins, at your service!Calydonian Boars, at your service!

What are Empire Progression Awards?

Empire progression awards in Grepolis are accolades for advancing and expanding your empire across the game world.

Players may receive Empire Progression Awards for reaching milestones. These include increasing their population, constructing key buildings, or expanding their territory through conquest or colonization.

By rewarding players for their empire-building efforts, these awards reinforce the core gameplay of Grepolis.

This revolves around strategic city management, territorial expansion, and interaction with other players.

Empire Progression Awards contribute to a player’s overall progression and provide a sense of accomplishment as they build and grow their virtual civilization.

Experienced RulerLast Man StandingPoint KingBread and GamesPeaceful Settler
Island OverlordMercantRuler of Your LandsAggressive RulerWise Ruler

What are High Score Awards?

High Score Awards are prestigious honors given to players who excel in certain aspects of the game and secure a spot at the top of leaderboards or rankings.

These awards recognize players for their outstanding performance in specific categories, such as military prowess, economic strength, or cultural influence.

Achieve high scores through the implementation of strategies, efficient resource management, and skilled gameplay to outperform competitors and rise to the top of the rankings.

Ruler of the WorldConqueror of CitiesDefender of the RealmMaster of Resources
Cultural Icon

What are Heroes Awards?

Heroes Awards are given to players who demonstrate exceptional leadership and strategic skills. This can be done by effectively utilizing heroes to enhance their gameplay.

Heroes play a crucial role in Grepolis, providing bonuses, abilities, and advantages to players.

These awards celebrate players who excel in hero management, utilization, and overall hero-related achievements. They showcase their expertise in harnessing the power of legendary figures to advance their in-game goals.

Gather the Wise MenConqueror of MonstersLegendary LeaderPatron of the Gods
Heroic Strategist

Event Awards

Event Awards in Grepolis are special accolades bestowed upon players for their participation, achievements, and success during in-game events.

These events can vary widely, ranging from seasonal festivities to limited-time challenges or competitions organized by the game developers.

Event Awards often offer unique rewards and bonuses, providing players with additional incentives to engage in the event activities and strive for excellence.

These not only recognize individual accomplishments but also foster a sense of community and camaraderie among players.

Grepolis offers a diverse array of awards during your gaming experience and provides players with recognition for their achievements.

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