Game of Thrones Buildings

Buildings are the foundation of your progress and development in this game.

They are essential for resource production, military training, research, and defensive capabilities.

Throughout this page, we will explore the different types of Game of Thrones buildings available, their functions, and how they impact gameplay.

What role do buildings play in GOT: Winter is Coming?

Buildings are the cornerstone of players’ progression and development in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

These structures have various functions, from resource production and military training to research and defensive capabilities.

Each building contributes to the player’s domain, offering essential benefits for thriving in the competitive landscape of Westeros.

Game of Thrones buildings represent players’ power and progress, showcasing their skills as rulers.

Therefore, they offer strategic advantages and contribute to the immersive experience of living out the epic saga of Westeros.

Resource BuildingsManpower Resource Buildings
Government BuildingsSpecial Buildings

Resource buildings

FarmlandLumber YardQuarry

Resource production is the backbone of strategic development, with the above buildings playing pivotal roles.

The Farmland yields essential grain. This is used to sustain populations and armies. Similarly, the Lumber Yard provides wood for construction and crafting.

The Quarry supplies stone for defensive structures, and the Mine produces iron for military equipment.

The Mint generates currency.

Upgrading these Game of Thrones buildings increases productivity, ensuring a steady flow of resources to support your expansion efforts across the realm.

I have found that investing in upgrades for these buildings unlocks additional benefits and features. In turn, this helped me to accumulate wealth and exert financial influence within Westeros.

Manpower Resource buildings?



The Barracks are the cornerstone of military might. Here, you will train your troops for battle.

From foot soldiers to cavalry and siege engines, the Barracks offer a variety of units for different combat scenarios and strategies.

Upgrading the Barracks unlocks access to more advanced and powerful units and increases training speed and capacity.

This has allowed me to raise more formidable armies to defend my territories and conquer enemy lands.


Hospitals play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of war. They provide medical care and heal injured troops.

From my experience, they quickly become vital infrastructure for preserving the strength and morale of your forces.

Upgrading the Hospital expands its capacity to accommodate more wounded soldiers. It also improves healing speed and efficiency, ensuring injured troops swiftly return to the frontlines.

Government buildings

CastleCity WallShetterRookery
Master’s TowerHall of WarEmbassyBlacksmith
MarketDungeonsSept of the Seven


The Castle is your domain’s central hub in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming.

It is where the Lord resides and is the cornerstone for construction and military operations.

Upgrading the Castle expands the level cap for other buildings and unlocks additional Marching Queues, new structures, and various functionalities.

Additionally, it plays a vital role in resource management, providing insights into resource production and troops’ grain consumption.

Elevating the Castle’s level enhances army size, commander positions, march positions, and the number of Alliance help requests. This can help to reinforce your authority and strategic capabilities.

City Wall

The City Wall is a barrier against external threats, safeguarding your territory from enemy incursions.

Defending commanders can be stationed atop the wall, and fortifications can be constructed to bolster its defenses.

Upgrading the City Wall increases its maximum durability and fortification capacity, enhancing its resilience against assaults.

Furthermore, when walls sustain damage, artisans automatically initiate repairs, ensuring the continuous protection of your stronghold.

With a fortified City Wall, I gained the ability to deter aggressors and maintain stability and security within my domain.


Shetters provide shelter and accommodation for your troops, preserving their well-being during peace and conflict.

Upgrading Shetters increases their capacity to house more troops and enhances their defensive capabilities. This makes them more resilient to enemy attacks.

Additionally, advanced Shetters may offer amenities.

These can include better living conditions and improved morale, contributing to your military forces’ overall efficiency and effectiveness.


The Rookery serves as the intelligence hub of your domain.

It provides information about incoming attacks, scout reports, and deliveries/reinforcements to your territory or garrisoned camps.

Upgrading the Rookery enhances its capabilities, allowing for more detailed scout reports and timely notifications of enemy activities.

At higher levels, I could access the “Prepare for Battle” feature.

This allowed me to make quick enhancements to my territory, bolstering my defenses and readiness for conflict.

Maester’s Tower

The Maester’s Tower is a center of knowledge and research.

It offers various technological advancements through several research projects.

Upgrading the Maester’s Tower accelerates research speed, reducing the time required to unlock new technologies and benefits.

The deeper I delved into the research, the more potent buffs, bonuses, and capabilities I could unlock.

These then became instrumental in shaping the outcome of my battles and strategic decisions.

Hall of War

The Hall of War is the epicenter of military coordination and alliance operations.

It enables players to participate in alliance rallies and expeditions, coordinating efforts with allies to achieve common goals.

Upgrading this Game of Thrones building increased my rallied magnitude, allowing me to have more extensive and potent allied forces in battles and campaigns.

Additionally, advanced Hall of War levels unlock various bonuses and benefits for alliance members. This goes a long way in fostering camaraderie and solidarity among allies.


The Embassy is a vital structure facilitating the coordination and support of allied forces.

It serves as a hub for hosting allied reinforcements, allowing players to seek assistance from their alliance members during times of need.

Upgrading the Embassy enhances its reinforcement capacity and army size.

This enables you to marshal larger, more formidable forces to defend your territory or launch offensives against enemies.

As well as this, advanced Embassy levels reduce reinforcement upkeep costs. This makes it more cost-effective to maintain allied troops.


The Blacksmith is a key structure enabling the forging of powerful Lord equipment and crafting essential materials.

It affords players the chance to unlock additional accessory slots and create powerful equipment.

With this, they can enhance their commanders’ capabilities and bolster their forces.

Upgrading the Blacksmith unlocks new crafting recipes and enhances forging efficiency, reducing the time and resources required to create high-quality equipment.

Advanced Blacksmith levels unlock access to superior materials and equipment.

This, in particular, allowed me to maintain a competitive edge in battles and strategic engagements.


The Market is vital for resource exchange and trade between alliance members.

It enables you to transport resources efficiently and facilitate economic cooperation within your alliance.

Upgrading the Market increases transportation capacity and reduces transport taxes, making it more cost-effective to exchange resources with allies.

Additionally, advanced Market levels increase marching speed for resource transportation.

This allows players to expedite trade operations and respond swiftly to resource demands.


Dungeons serve as facilities for imprisoning captured enemy Lords of Castle Level 10 or higher.

Players can hold enemy Lords in their Dungeons to prevent them from causing further harm or participating in enemy activities.

As you upgrade their Dungeons, you can execute enemy Lords whose Castles are also at Level 17 or higher.

The upgrade levels also influence the time required for execution, with higher levels reducing the time.

Furthermore, having enemy Lords imprisoned in Dungeons can confer bonus effects to the player, providing strategic advantages and bolstering territorial security.

Sept of Seven

The Sept of Seven is a sacred Game of Thrones building dedicated to worshiping the Seven Gods.

Players can utilize the Sept to bestow offerings to the Gods and receive their blessings.

Upgrading the Sept enhances its capabilities, allowing you to access more potent blessings and benefits.

Players activate the Gift of the Many-Faced God by sending enemy Lords to the Sept and offering them to the Many-Faced God. This grants temporary blessing enhancements.

Additionally, higher-level Septs can provide longer-lasting and more impactful blessings.

This strengthens the player’s position and fortune in the game.

Special buildings

Weirwood TreeTraining GroundsMerchant Ship
Iron BankMerchant Guild

Weirwood Tree

The Weirwood Tree is a location where players can obtain Commander medals and spoils.

By spending Spirit of the Weirwood Tree, you can initiate trials and match different skills and types of Commanders.

Upgrading the Weirwood Tree enhances its functionality, unlocking additional rewards or enabling more challenging trials.

As I progressed and invested resources into the Weirwood Tree, I received more significant opportunities to obtain valuable rewards and strengthen my Commanders.

Training Grounds

The Training Grounds offer players a platform to enhance their Commanders’ skills and capabilities.

Here, you can select six Commanders to learn from each other’s skills, with battles occurring automatically.

Rewards, such as Training Grounds diamonds, are provided based on performance and ranking within specific ranges.

Upgrading the Training grounds may expand the capacity for Commander training, increase the frequency of rewards, or introduce new features to improve the training experience.

I had the opportunity to cultivate a formidable roster of skilled Commanders to lead my army to victory by participating in challenges at the Training Grounds.

Merchant ship

Merchant Ships are a valuable source of goods players can obtain through bartering.

Each batch of goods remains available for six hours before being replaced by a new selection.

Players can lock certain goods, ensuring they remain available for redemption.

Additionally, players can invest Diamonds in the Merchant Ship to receive returns over time.

Upgrading the Merchant Ship expands the range of available goods, increases investment options, and may provide bonus benefits or discounts for frequent patrons.

Iron Bank

The Iron Bank is an investment institution where players can invest in Diamonds and receive returns over time.

Upgrading the Iron Bank increases the maximum investment capacity and may provide bonuses to interest rates, enabling players to earn higher returns on their investments.

By wisely allocating resources to the Iron Bank and monitoring investment performance, players can accumulate wealth and strengthen their financial position within the game.

Additionally, the Iron Bank is a testament to your economic prowess and strategic foresight, offering opportunities for long-term prosperity and success.

Merchant Guild

The Merchant Guild facilitates the auctioning of spoils earned from Rebel Camps. This provides opportunities to exchange valuable items for rewards.

Each Lord can deposit up to three spoils at this Game of Thrones building, with auctions occurring at different times for each item.

Upgrading the Merchant Guild may increase the number of spoils deposited simultaneously or introduce new auction features to enhance the trading experience.

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