Forge of Empires Tournaments

Play-versus-player is a fantastic introduction to competitive matchmaking without unnecessary risk.

On this page, we will explore Forge of Empires tournaments as a facet of the game. This will include how to increase your rank, how long they last, and what special events are available.

What are Forge of Empires tournaments?

Forge of Empires tournaments provide a straightforward way to engage in player-versus-player combat, without putting too much risk on reward.

Furthermore, Forge of Empires separates tournament rankings by age. This means that you will always matched against someone near you in terms of progression and skill level.

The whole mechanic works by pitting you against a neighboring foe, vying for their territory each week and tasking you with acquiring battle points during the week.

Every Sunday, the tournament concludes. The winners receive medals as rewards, which can be used to unlock victory expansions on the game map.

What is a PvP tournament?

If you have grasped the basics of the turn-based tactical combat found in story quests, which allow you to take control of territories for additional resources, then PvP tournaments in Forge of Empires shouldn’t be out of your wheelhouse.

It is the same basic concept, but you are not just fighting the AI. You are facing off against players.

On every map, you will note PvP tournament towers. There is one tower per Age, and you must acquire a province with the proper tower.

It is typically the first or second province on the map.

By holding the PvP tower, you can battle points by completing and winning battles, with all types of offensive combat counting toward your weekly PvP points.

What actions can a player take to increase their rank in a tournament?

If you want to earn medals by ranking high in Forge of Empires tournaments, then you must first take action.

Such actions include the following;

  • Defeating neighboring players
  • Winning fights in Guild vs. Guild mode
  • Conquering sectors on the Campaign Map
  • Winning fights in Guild Expeditions
  • Winning in Guild Battlegrounds
  • Participating and winning PvP Arenas

How long do tournaments last?

Forge of Empires tournaments last just a single week.

All of the battles and conquering you take part in throughout the week culminate in a ranking on Sunday, when the PvP tournament concludes. This is when winners will receive their medals.

Each Monday, a new tournament begins.

It is a constantly revolving cycle of PvP for those who wish to take part, and it’s completely optional if you don’t enjoy this mechanic within the game.

What is an Age Tower Tournament?

FoE offers a ton of content for those who want a casual or idle game to waste an hour or two each day, including the PvP tournaments we’ve explored thus far.

However, if you are feeling competitive, but do not want to partake in direct PvP, the game offers a secondary mode.

This is based solely on the battles you take part in during everyday gameplay.

The Age Tower Tournament provides points for every battle you win, and they all accumulate within the Age Tower.

Every Age Tower corresponds to a single game age, like the Bronze Age, and you will earn points across the various Age Towers. This will be achieved using a variety of units from throughout the time periods.

The more variety you utilize, the more points you will earn with potential winnings across time!

Alongside the PvP, many players use Age Tower Tournaments as an easy way to recruit active and competent players.

The more you know about the game’s mechanics, specifically the proper units to use and how to win battles, the more likely you are to rank in each Tower.

Then, you may just catch the eye of a popular guild in your world.

Does Forge of Empires run special events?

Forge of Empires routinely runs special events throughout the year. They started slow, with just one or two annually, before escalating to six or even seven throughout the year.

These occur around unique holidays, like St. Patrick’s Day or Halloween, and seasons, like Summer and Winter.

Special events in Forge of Empires alter the gameplay formula by introducing unique buildings, mechanics like treasure hunting, and limited-time quests. These guarantee currency or event-specific rewards.

Some, however, only task you with finishing a certain number of quests within the event timeframe. These ask you to play a little each day without accessing new mechanics.

Whether you are adept at PvP mechanics in gaming or not, Forge of Empires tournaments provide an opportunity for any type of player—brand-new or experienced—to earn winnings for higher ranking.

Those rewards prove rather valuable and enticing for those who take the game seriously.

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