Elvenar Tournaments

Once you’ve joined a Fellowship, you will have the ability to compete in tournaments. This can lead to unlocking exclusive rewards.

In this guide, we’re breaking down Elvenar tournaments and giving you a one-stop-shop walkthrough of everything you need to know to soak up the benefits.

What are Elvenar Tournaments?

Tournaments are events that allow players to join together and complete a series of objectives, unlocking a bounty of rewards.

They are built on the back of the ‘encounter’ mechanic. To complete a tournament, players must successfully navigate a series of encounters – either with violence or negotiation skills – to reap the full benefits.

These can be played solo or hand-in-hand with a group.

However, there is one universal constant. Players can only take part if they’re in a Fellowship.

Elvenar tournaments take place once a week, and they’ll pop up across the in-game map – but only in ‘solved provinces’.

There is a rotating model that offers a tournament based around a different ‘Good type’ each week, which I find keeps things fresh.

As you progress, you will unlock checkpoint rewards. At the end of the event (if you’re successful), you will secure a stack of resources, coins, and placement on a global leaderboard.

How long do tournaments last?

Elvenar tournaments are held once a week, but they take quite a while to be completed.

There are a series of provinces to be secured, each with a string of encounters that must be negotiated or fought to progress.

There are ‘cooldowns’ between new provinces opening up, but they can be skipped using diamonds.

In my experience, Elvenar tournaments have lasted between four and five days (in terms of hours), but you can work with that time as you see fit. That includes using diamonds to speed through the provinces.

What types of goods can be included in each Elvenar tournament?

ElixirMagic dustGems

What are the tournament rewards for Fellowships?

RelicsKnowledge pointsRunes
Power of provisionMagical manufacturingEnscrolled endowment
Inspiring meditationBlueprints

What are the tournament rewards for individuals?

Knowledge pointsRelicsRunes
SpellsBroken shardsPower of provision
Magical manufacturingEnscrolled Endowment

What are the best Elvenar tournament strategies?

There are some universal strategies you can consider to have a better chance of winning Elvenar tournaments.

I have found that it is important to plan and make use of limited time in the best fashion. To that end, you should establish whether you want to fully complete fewer provinces or partially complete more. It is all about determining what will net the most rewards.

As both a Fellowship and an individual, you will want to maximise the rewards you are getting from checkpoints, and that means you will need to think tactically.

It is advised to play as part of a team – which is where the Fellowship element comes into play.

If everyone participates, each unique user needs to work a little less to secure the biggest rewards. As you progress through each tournament, you will need to fight or negotiate your way out of encounters.

That means you will have to raise a very strong army with tough squads or barter your way out of a corner using resources.

Elvenar’s tournaments are designed to be a fun addition to the core gameplay loop that players can soak up with their friends – or whoever is lurking in their Fellowship.

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