Elvenar Strategies

Elvenar is a massively popular city-building game, interwoven with mystical elements that keep players coming back for more.

Everything begins with a blank canvas, but before long, players will curate a sprawling city managed by either humans or elves.

In this guide, we will break down the best Elvenar strategies for building the most effective and efficient city, how to better manage your resources and earn more diamonds.

What are the best strategies to follow when planning your Elvenar city layout?

There’s a constant debate at the heart of the community to determine the best city layout in to follow.

The most popular suggestions include the following;

‘The Comb’ Layout

This model sees players have one long road with a series of smaller roads spanning off the bottom of it – like a hair comb.

Making tactical use of buildings and structures, players will use this layout to group their constructs strategically together. Certain roads will be designated specifically for workshops, others for residences, one for barracks, and so on.

They’ll also place Wonders such as shrines and temples where needed.

‘The Right-Angle’ Layout

At the core of the city will be two long roads with branches coming off them, forming a rectangular shape.

However, the city should never be ‘ringing’ with roads. That’s generally a bad idea.

On a long avenue, players can build a string of residences, reserving the other road for the main hall, culture pieces, armouries, and Wonders.

It’s advised to place a network of mines and foundries on the branches made up of portal tracks,

Crossroads and ring roads should be avoided at all costs. There’s a huge importance placed on roads in Elvenar. They impact the time and space you’re wasting – or saving – with your layout.

In an ideal world, you’ll maximise your valuable space while minimizing the number of roads you’ve used.

How often should I upgrade buildings in Elvenar?

Although upgrading a building will give you a boost in that construct’s production rate, you’ll need to consider that it might take up more space.

It will face downtime while it’s being upgraded, and it could cost a considerable amount of resources.

Residences can and should be upgraded whenever possible. It’s better to upgrade existing residences than it is to build new ones. This will maximise your population and the number of workers you have available.

In terms of that population, one of the most advised Elvenar strategies is to keep them happy. You can achieve this by not upgrading workshops – the second-most popular construct type – past level six. They might produce more, but you’ll tank your population’s happiness.

If you’re relying on building a powerful army, you should upgrade your barracks and armouries as often as possible.

If you’re more of a producer of resources, then you’ll want to upgrade mines and foundries as often as you can.

What are the best strategies for managing resources in Elvenar?

The most basic resources in the game are coins (money) and supplies (which have various ‘types’).

You’ll earn coins for building up residences and having an expanding population of workers. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to produce supplies when you have workshops open and running.

If you want to upgrade these structures and generate more coins and supplies, you’ll need to focus on ‘cultural buildings’, too.

Be careful who you fight during an encounter. There are plenty of opportunities to clash against neighbouring cities, but doing so will impact you differently. This is depending on the path you choose.

If you’re going to fight every battle, you’ll bleed supplies and time. If you choose to negotiate with your neighbours, it’ll cost you supplies, coins, and more time – but it’s a better resolution.

This fine line encourages players to consider their stock every time.

Plenty of sizable buildings that might look good on paper, but their construction will soak up thousands of coins or supplies that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Ascertaining this mostly comes with time and experience.

Elvenar is driven a lot by statistics, and you can see the impact – good or bad – any building will have on your city before you build it.

How can I earn more Elvenar diamonds?

Elvenar diamonds can be bought using real-world money – but you can also earn them in-game.

They can be used to speed things up, replace lost resources, or to unlock powerful buildings and exclusive items.

If you want to earn more Elvenar diamonds in-game, you’ll need to build a ‘Wishing Well’. This can reward you with up to 600 diamonds per month – provided you maximise them.

There are also quest rewards given in the form of diamonds, so undertaking numerous tasks is always advised.

By doing as many of these as you can, you’ll unlock a further 200 diamonds per month, on average.

What are the best strategies for maximizing resource production in Elvenar?

It’s important to look back at our strategies for building roads and ensure you’re using your space as efficiently as possible.

It’s not always a good idea to soak up expansions. This is because maintaining the extra space will be a drain on your resources.

Build your roads strategically and rely on plenty of ‘manufactories’ – but don’t upgrade them past a certain level, as previously mentioned.

You’ll also need to plan ahead and determine what resources will be more important to you.

If you don’t plan on fighting, maximize your residences, culture pieces, and production centres to boost your goods, supplies, and coin rates.

It’s advised to lean on ‘event buildings’ and culture constructs to further boost your population, which results in more workers to produce resources and more coins.

What are the best strategies for building a strong army in Elvenar?

To build a strong army, it is advisable to provide extra attention to maintaining the Barracks, Training Grounds, and Mercenary Camp constructs.

That means you’ll need to keep them at the highest production speed possible – and keep that production line churning non-stop.

In Elvenar, more soldiers mean a stronger army. There’s also a need to use Armouries to invest in ‘training time’, which will sharpen your army on a progressive scale.

In terms of upgrading, it’s a good idea to invest in research projects – namely the ‘squad upgrade’ projects. This will make each squad bigger and more capable.

Elvenar can be an intimidating game at first blush.

Remember, this is a game that’s supposed to be played for a very long time. Therefore, you’ll likely spend hundreds of hours perfecting your city.

There’s nothing wrong with starting afresh or re-working what you’ve already built, and as long as you keep these Elvenar strategies in mind, you’ll have the upper hand.

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