Elvenar Quests

Although copious amounts of hours can be invested into playing a game, the inclusion of additional missions and side quests can keep the gameplay engaging.

Throughout this guide, we will break down the end-to-end ecosystem of Elvenar quests, including everything from structure to what you’ll need to complete them.

What are Elvenar quests?

In Elvenar, the core gameplay loop sees players build and upgrade a city, construct an army, and lead campaigns against neighbouring nations.

As players expand their city, they will be able to take part in tournaments, join a Fellowship, build up their population, and of course, undertake a wide array of quests.

These quests are diverse and dynamic, ensuring that there’s always a mission for a player to complete.

They range from ‘tick box quests’ that’ll require you to upgrade a certain type of building to a particular level, all the way to long-winded, multi-faceted quests. These will have several sub-tasks to complete before the rewards can be reaped.

There are various ‘Eras’ to explore as the game unravels. Each playable race – Humans and Elves – will have quests that explore these Eras differently.

In terms of significance, Elvenar quests provide an easy levelling opportunity.

They will reward you with a bounty of resources, coins, and diamonds. As well as this, you will have something concrete to aim for as you explore the world of the game

What rewards can players earn from Elvenar quests?


There may be other rewards that are created exclusively for events and limited-time runs.

What types of Elvenar quests are available to play?

Levelling-up buildingsCompleting research projectsHarvesting resources
Gaining goods & suppliesResolving envountersBuilding constructs

Supplies stockpiling and production

Many quests revolve around creating and storing supplies.

These are some of the most common quests, and you will consistently succeed with these as you progress through the game.

With these ‘Open-and-shut’ quests, you will simply need to tick a box by generating a certain amount of supplies, and that’s it – you’re done.

Goods production and manufactories

The majority of the ‘mainline missions’ revolve around producing specific goods in manufactories.

As one of the foundational elements of Elvenar, players must create a wide variety of goods. Therefore, there are plenty of quests that target the production of specific items.

For instance, you’ll get the quest to ‘Produce 10 Simple Tools’, ‘Gain 2000 Crystal’ or ‘Produce Nightshade 20 Times’.

There’s a diverse selection at play, and as you work through the Eras, you’ll notice that these types make up the bulk of the list.

Constructing structures

This simple type of quest sees players build various structures in and around their city, ticking objectives off and gaining rewards.

These can include missions like ‘Build 3 Culture Buildings’, ‘Have at Least 1 Cocoon Lampions Building’, and ‘Build Magic Academy’.

Although they may seem like a tax on your resources initially, as you’ll need to spend something to build them in the first place, these quests offer sizable rewards.

Training army units

Having a powerful army is paramount in Elvenar, which is why there are various missions targeted at improving your forces.

From upgrading and unlocking certain soldier types to training the army you have, these suests are diverse and beneficial.

To pursue this path, you’ll complete tasks such as ‘Train 100 Storm Barbarians’, ‘Train 150 Priests’, or ‘Unlock Archers’.

Training quests are easy enough to complete, and some can offer substantial rewards. However, you will need to be a warmongering leader to take full advantage of these.

Resolving encounters

Encounters are situations that see you clash with neighbouring cities. To resolve these, you’ll need to successfully fight and defeat these cities. Alternatively, you can negotiate a parley that allows you to spend resources to avoid conflict.

Of all the quests available in Elvenar, these are by far the most mundane and can be costly.

As you navigate the game, you’ll get a series of tests that ask you to ‘Solve ‘x’ Encounters’, with the number required typically getting larger as the game progresses.

There are some caveats to these.

For instance, the Human ‘Dwarf Era’ requires players to specifically fight and win five Encounters – which may go against playstyle.

Unlocking research features

There’s always an underlying mission in Elvenar to ‘get better’.

You will need to unlock research features to study what you’ve built – or can build – to create stronger structures, better military units, and more.

You’ll inevitably run into these quests, and the further you get into the game, the more costly they will become.

These typically involve unlocking boosts and completing research projects. By doing so, you can upgrade your buildings to produce faster or at a higher volume.

Upgrading features

As you build your city, you’ll naturally be upgrading features and structures, leading them to generate more coins, supplies, or goods.

In some cases, you’ll want to pour funds into upgrading certain structures as the benefit far outweighs the cost.

That’s why it is best to tick as many of these quests off the list as you progress through the game.

For instance, you may be challenged to ‘Upgrade 2 Residences to Level 20 or Higher’, ‘Upgrade 4 Workshops to Level 10 or Higher’, or ‘Upgrade a Structure to Maximum Level’.

As you upgrade buildings, you’ll notice that they ultimately take up more space and can require you to rework your city, so be sure to plan ahead.

What are main story Elvenar quests?

These are the quests that players will face every time they begin a new game. Main story Elvenar quests are a universal constant for everyone playing.

They’re successive, meaning you’ll need to work through them in sequence as you unravel the full game.

Are main story quests mandatory?

No, these are not mandatory for completion.

In fact, you can decline most quests that don’t align with your playstyle and progress.

It is worth noting that declining main story quests is not a recommended strategy, as it can cause you to miss out on crucial rewards, or be penalised.

Are daily quests available to play?

When an event is live, daily quests become available to play.

This allows players to soak up missions unique to that specific event and unlock exclusive rewards.

Some events can have up to 100 daily quests, incorporating every mission type aforementioned and boasting substantial rewards.

Are weekly quests available to play?

Weekly Quests surface in Elvenar when an event is live, and they operate in a similar way to daily quests.

However, weekly quests offer more sizable rewards based on the requirements of being much more expansive.

These often take more than two or three days to complete, and to that end, they might require you to grind the game a little to tick those boxes.

There are hundreds of Elvenar quests that you can take part in, and they all offer rewards that you’d be silly to pass up.

As you progress through the game, these will serve as both an introduction to the game’s mechanics and possibilities, as well as something to aim for and focus on.

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