Elvenar Diamonds

For those looking to supplement their gaming experience, some players will invest to secure speed boosts and faster expansions.

This is typically done using diamonds.

Throughout this page, we will break down everything you need to know about Elvenar diamonds.

What are Elvenar diamonds?

In Elvenar, diamonds are a form of premium in-game currency.

They can either be earned through the game itself or purchased using real-world money.

These virtual gemstones can be used for a wide variety of things, but most players will use them for production boosts or to speed up their progression.

Diamonds are not detrimental to success in Elvenar. However, they do offer various remarkable bonuses that players are keen to take advantage of.

How can players earn diamonds?

Firstly, players can get their hands on precious diamonds by spending real-world money.

However, this is not the only way that they can be acquired. Diamonds can be accrued in-game, even if this process does require a little more time.

For instance, you can win diamonds through special, limited-time events, or you can get a chance at picking some up through the Wishing Well construct.

Most players will unlock the ‘Spire of Eternity’ that grants guaranteed diamonds a few times a week. Alternatively, the Magic Academy can be used to potentially receive them when they use the facility to craft items.

How much do diamonds cost?

Diamonds have unique price points depending on the platform you’re playing on and where in the world you are.

For example, buying Elvenar diamonds will cost more on mobile as opposed to PC. This is because there are extra fees added.

In the browser version of the game, there are typically fewer fees and more sizable discounts.

In the United Kingdom, 500 diamonds cost £4.99. There’s a scale that rises incrementally, reaching as high as 11,000 diamonds for £74.99.

The middle-of-the-road option will be 2,400 diamonds, which costs around £19.99.

These can be bought using PayPal, Paysafecard, through Amazon Pay, or with a credit card.

How to get free diamonds

As we’ve already outlined, there are ways that players can get free diamonds.

There are tactics that can be used to regularly unlock these, provided you’re consistent enough to keep ticking the same boxes.

It’s possible to earn around 1,000 free Elvenar diamonds every month.

Firstly, you’ll want to build Wishing Wells. Assuming you’re running four of these, you can be rewarded with around 600 diamonds per month.

In terms of constructs, you can also use the Spire of Eternity or complete certain crafting objectives.

There are plenty of diamonds to be secured by competing Elvenar quests. Similarly, exclusive events (such as those found on the game’s forums) regularly have diamond giveaways or run competitions and special tournaments.

These will typically have them written into the rewards, making them a must if you want to unlock ones for free.

How to earn diamonds with the Spire of Eternity

The Spire of Eternity will appear in Elvenar once a player has completed the research objective around the mysterious construct.

It has unique benefits, but the core reason that players use it is to unlock free diamonds.

This is a challenging path, meaning that completing the Spire of Eternity’s run will net players a handsome stack of diamonds.

There are tough bosses to fight, several encounters to complete, and plenty of rewards to scoop up. This is only available between Sunday and Friday.

How to earn diamonds with the buildings

There are almost no solid methods to earn diamonds through buildings.

They can be earned through quests, by going through the Spire of Eternity, or by securing them through limited-time events, but there aren’t any buildings that you can use to effectively ‘farm’ diamonds.

This is because as an in-game currency, they would lose their inherent value if they could be easily farmed.

What is the best strategy to manage diamonds?

Elvenar diamonds are an extremely valuable resource that must be treated as such.

If you’re frivolous, you’re essentially burning cash – assuming you’ve bought them, that is.

There are a few key strategies you can follow to make sure you’re making the best use of your resources.

You will need to practice patience and resilience, making sure you’re sitting on your diamonds and allowing them to rack up. Spending on needless actions and items must be avoided.

There are some things you’ll need to spend diamonds on that are dramatically expensive, so avoid cutting into your stash unnecessarily.

As well as this, it is wise to join official game forums and follow social pages and news feeds to stay updated.

There are often giveaways, exclusive events, and offers that you can jump on to build up that wallet much faster.

What is best to avoid spending diamonds on in Elvenar?

There are many things that you should – and shouldn’t – spend diamonds on in Elvenar. They might have a lot of uses, but some of these can be a waste of time and money.

For instance, you shouldn’t be spending diamonds on speeding up the production of resources or the building of constructs.

There’s no real return on investment there, as these typically won’t take too long on their own.

Similarly, you won’t want to spend diamonds on filling resource gaps or plugging spaces in your city with magical constructs – it can bite you down the line.

Instead, spend on premium expansions to broaden your city. These can carry hefty price tags – sometimes as high as 13,000 diamonds.

It’s also worth spending your Elvenar diamonds on premium upgrades, typically leaning towards the Builders’ Hut and the Magic Academy.

It’s a great idea to have a little resilience – hold on and don’t spend them on things you don’t need to pay for.

Can you trade diamonds with other players?

No – the developer has never introduced a function that will allow users to trade diamonds with other players.

This is something that the community has called for over the years, but it has never been implemented.

Although there is no trading feature, there are some mechanics that can be used to share diamonds between cities and towns for single players.

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