The ‘Borderlands Cinematic Universe’ Starts With The Upcoming Movie

borderlands cinematic universe

Recently, the first trailer for the upcoming Borderlands movie was released, splitting the franchise’s community down the middle based mostly on the casting choices for the highly anticipated flick. In a follow-up interview with IGN, former CEO of Gearbox, Randy Pitchford, spoke about the film and the future it’s setting up.

He’s had a direct hand in developing the 2024 movie as an executive producer, and now he’s talking about big things being in store.

The BCU?

In an interview with IGN, Randy Pitchford spoke at length about Eli Roth’s Borderlands movie, which is set to release later this year. In a recent trailer, we got a look at the star-studded cast, which includes Kevin Hart, Cate Blanchett, and Jack Black, among others. He spoke of the ambitious endeavour to create a Borderlands Cinematic Universe, and it all begins with this movie:

One of the cool things about the movie is we’ve created a cinematic universe that lives side by side with the video game universe. And of course, the characters are there and authentic in the themes and even some of the storylines. But they’re independent storylines. So this isn’t Borderlands 1. This isn’t Borderlands 2. The Borderlands movie is the first of the Borderlands Cinematic Universe and you’ll see some characters from some of the different parts of what you might know from the video games.

In the movie, some characters will be revealed for the first time, such as the CEO of the series’ Atlas Corporation, Deukalian Atlas. It’s one minute example of how the Cinematic Universe is set to intertwine with what has been established by the game series over the last fifteen years.

Featuring fan favourites like Claptrap, Tiny Tina, and Moxxi, and being driven by the likes of Randy Pitchford, the Borderlands movie should be a faithful enough recreation, but the proof will certainly be in the pudding.

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