Bit Reactor Reveals Unique Approach For New Star Wars Game

In a new interview with PC Gamer, Bit Reactor creatives Daanish Syed and Ryan McFall revealed plans to give the studio’s new Star Wars game a unique feel.

Daanish Syed works as Bit Reactor’s art director, while Ryan McFall is the technical director.

Regarding the visual style, they said that “we’re gonna develop our own language that fits within Star Wars, but also feels unique to this game.”

The gameplay itself might also prove unique. Syed and McFall said they want to “expand people’s perception of what the experience actually is of playing a strategy game.”

They also want Bit Reactor’s new Star Wars game to “support as many of the range of input devices as we can”. They address that mouse-and-keyboard is traditional for the genre. If players can use so many different controllers, the gameplay might blend mechanics that work with them.

star wars strategy game

PC Gamer also notes that the duo avoids using the term RTS throughout the interview. They broadly refer to Bit Reactor’s upcoming game as a “strategy” title.

Syed explained that “players haven’t seen what strategy games can be”. Speaking about the complexity spectrum of the strategy genre, they also mention there’s “lots of variation in-between”.

That implies that the devs may be looking for a very unique approach to strategy gameplay. It may blend RTS with other angles, or even ignore those mechanics altogether.

Bit Reactor did not officially confirm any concrete details about the upcoming game. But Syed and McFall do hint at a lot of fresh possibilities.

Last month, Bit Reactor confirmed that its Star Wars strategy game is still in development. The devastating layoffs and cancellations at EA deeply concerned fans. Later, Bit Reactor said that “we are still hard at work, and our game was unaffected by last week’s news.”

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