Top BetRivers Commercials

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BetRivers commercials frequently play on TV in states where their online casino is available, but they can be hard to find online.

Whether advertising their live online dealers, games catalog, the casino and sportsbook apps, or the BetRivers no deposit bonus, many of their ads have catchy jingles that get stuck in viewers’ heads.

Advertisements for online casinos and sportsbooks have surged in recent years.

Although BetRivers doesn’t have the same celebrity power that bigger, more established casino brands have, they’ve left their mark on audiences (for better or worse). 

Below, we’re listing the two most popular BetRivers commercials that users watch and love to hate or hate to love!

BetRivers Take A Chance Commercials, 2023

In 2023, BetRivers released a couple of ads featuring a woman in a golden dress and matching knee-high boots, singing praises for everything bettors can do on the online casino and sportsbook apps.

In both 30-second commercials, the woman is surrounded by other people who are placing bets on sports and playing casino games everywhere– in the elevator, the kitchen, the gym, a restaurant, the movie theater, and at home.

The other actors sing along as they tell her why they love the app, how easy and fun it is to use, and how they love “taking a chance” on BetRivers.

In the most watched version, the singer has a line that says, “When you’re sitting on the throne, and you get in that zone, it’s when the fun begins,” while a pair of women’s yellow heels and blue pants can be seen under a door.

Presumably she’s playing while sitting on a public toilet, something some of us are also guilty of!

The disco-tinged tune gets stuck in your head, and some of the lines are too cheesy for my liking. You can watch it here.

In the second version, which is arguably tamer, the woman dances with more users as they go about their daily lives, catching short breaks to use the BetRivers app.

BetRivers Find Your Rhythm Commercial (2022)

In this 30-second ad, BetRivers takes things pretty meta, with a ‘70s inspired band and a pianist belting out the lines.

“BetRivers dot com is the online casino with award-winning customer service,” he sings enthusiastically, to no discernable tune whatsoever.

Adding to the lively tune are people dressed up as playing cards, headgear and all, to match the Jack, King, and Queen.

It ends with a redheaded actress telling viewers they can trust the BetRivers experience. “It’s a whole new game,” she says.

Though it didn’t make as big a splash as the Take a Chance spots, some viewers love the jingle in this commercial. Others hate it but love the redhead instead!.

You can watch this ad here on the BetRivers YouTube channel.

Commercials With Catchy Songs

The BetRivers commercials listed above are their most popular.

However, they have produced a few more ads promoting their casino app, basketball betting, special features on their sportsbook app, and the BetRivers bonus codes for existing users.

Plus, they’ve made a series of comedic shorts featuring Canadian sports anchor Dan O’Toole.

Do you love or hate the songs? Is there another BetRivers ad you can’t get out of your head?