Top BetMGM Commercials

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Big brands understand the power of celebrity, and BetMGM is cashing in on their superstar spokespeople for their ads.

Whether they’re promoting a big event or a new product, the online casino giant is bringing Hollywood glitz to their commercials for maximum impact.

Hiring megastars like Jamie Foxx, Vanessa Hudgens, or Tom Brady doesn’t come cheap, but it certainly pays off and gives fans (and the media) plenty to talk about.

And in a world where publicity can make or break a brand, using well-known celebrities is a priceless strategy.

Keep reading as we go over the best BetMGM Casino and Sportsbook commercials, who stars in them, when they first aired, and where you can watch them.

Top BetMGM Commercials Over The Years

Since its launch in 2019, BetMGM has aired some memorable commercials, like the “Enough Opinions” skit starring basketball player-turned-sports commentator Kenny Smith.

Since then, their advertising has gotten bigger and better, with Jamie Foxx at the helm of many of their most recent campaigns.

His first commercial for the brand was The King of Sportsbooks ad back in 2020, which promoted the casino’s sports betting app.

In 2023, stand-up comedian and actor Chris Rock starred in the casino’s newest overseas campaign as the brand’s UK ambassador.

But let’s focus on the BetMGM commercials that made a splash right here in America.

BetMGM Commercials Starring Jamie Foxx, September 2023

Jamie Foxx is one of the most prominent faces in BetMGM’s advertising roster.

Just before the 2023 NFL season kickoff, the multi-award-winning actor, singer, and comedian starred in several commercials promoting BetMGM’s sportsbook app.

In the first ad, the Oscar winner is seen playing the piano at the Park MGM in Las Vegas while sports chaos erupts all around him.

He keeps his signature cool while players tackle each other on tables, dunk basketballs through chandeliers, and hit fiery home runs into the walls.

You can watch this commercial on the BetMGM YouTube channel right here.

In the second ad, Foxx walks down the stairs while balls cascade all around him.

He even runs into hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, who reminds him not all sports are played with balls. You can watch this ad here.

In both ads, Foxx tells viewers about all the different types of bets they can make on the online sportsbook, including live money lines, spreads, overs, and unders, “right from the edge of your seat”.

He also promotes the code that bettors who didn’t win can use to claim up to $1,500 paid back in bonus bets.

In yet another release, Jamie calls on all his famous sporting friends, including Gretzky, Kevin Garnett, and Barry Sanders hoping to get a hot tip.

But, in this one, it’s Vanessa Hudgens who gives him the best advice: go with your gut. You can watch that commercial here.

BetMGM Commercial Starring Vanessa Hudgens, November 2023

Having joined forces with Jamie Foxx for an ad promoting the BetMGM casino app in 2022, Hudgens was back in 2023 to promote the online casino’s huge library of games.

Dressed in a gorgeous golden gown, the glamorous actress and singer makes her way through a library that transforms to match different casino game themes.

Launched just a couple of months after Foxx’s sports betting ads, the 30-second spot utilizes Vanessa’s charisma and playfulness to showcase the casino’s impressive games catalog.

The commercial focuses on the brand’s exclusive games, like Fountains of Fortune, MGM Riches, and Gold Link & Win, which she plays on her phone as she walks.

She ends the ad by rolling the dice and promoting the 100% match bonus up to $1,000 for new players who use the bonus code.

Watch Hudgens in this ad on the BetMGM YouTube channel right here.

BetMGM Commercials Starring Kevin Garnett, January 2023

Kevin Garnett has become a familiar face in BetMGM ads, having starred in multiple spots for the brand over the past few years.

Before arguing with Jamie Foxx over LA vs. Boston, the retired basketball power forward for the Celtics did several other commercials for BetMGM.

In a 2023 ad, the NBA VIP nicknamed Big Ticket can be seen buying a power juice (orange, ginger, carrot) with a friend, whom he asks for some positivity to cover the spread on a bet he made using the BetMGM sportsbook app.

The healthy vibes and positive visualization seem to pay off for the superstar baller, who wins his bet. You can watch the commercial here.

In another ad from 2021, Garnett is seen lounging in a robe by the pool in his house –Big Ticket’s house!– when he’s notified of a win on the betting app.

In all the commercials, Garnett seems to be enjoying his retirement by making good use of BetMGM’s products and his love of sports.

BetMGM Commercial Starring Elisa Richardson, August 2021

Back in 2021, Elisa Richardson starred in a BetMGM commercial promoting the casino app’s live dealer games.

Richardson mentions games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps while she walks past gaming tables and users who are playing on their phones.

Dressed in a sparkly dress perfect for a night out, she tells us the app’s live dealer option can feel like we’re really on the casino floor, even if we’re just playing from our couch.

The commercial ends with a promo for a 100% deposit match up to $1,000 plus $25 on the house for players who use the bonus code.

Watch this The King of Live Dealer commercial on the BetMGM YouTube channel.

BetMGM Commercial Starring Tom Brady, February 2024

Tom Brady is inarguably one of the most famous quarterbacks in recent history, which is why BetMGM hired him to star alongside actor Vince Vaughn in an ad promoting their sportsbook app.

The minute-long ad first aired during the first quarter of the LVIII Super Bowl in 2024, and sees Vaughn gatekeeping the betting app, claiming it’s for everyone who loves sports betting.

Everyone but Tom Brady.

“The truth is you’ve won too much,” Vaughn tells Brady, who keeps asking why he can’t partake and even puts on a disguise in hopes that Vaughn will let him place a bet or two.

But Vince isn’t fooled, ending the spot with Vaughn, Brady, and Brady’s childhood babysitter staring up at a huge billboard on the MGM building in Las Vegas that says “not for Tom Brady.”

Wayne Gretzky even makes an appearance– he’s in, Brady’s out.

This was BetMGM’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, and the entire campaign reportedly cost $50 million to produce. Watch the commercial here.

There are two other teasers for the ad, released shortly before the NFL’s biggest yearly event. Watch Vaughn steal Brady’s spotlight here and the two men arguing over who’s the bigger superstar here.

BetMGM Ads With Star Power

BetMGM has expertly used celebrity ambassadors to advertise their brand as they expand into new markets and grow their product list.

Most people prefer the commercials with Jamie Foxx and Vanessa Hudgens, but what about you?

Who’s your favorite MGM star? Did we miss any memorable ads from the brand? And did any of these commercials convince you to claim the BetMGM no deposit bonus and start playing?