Bethesda Game Studios Creations Launches in Skyrim

In an official post, Bethesda Game Studios has introduced the new Creations platform, which allows players to find and share community creations in Skyrim. The platform creates a new menu for mods, Creation Club items and Creations.

Creations is available today in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and the Skyrim Anniversary Edition for PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Notably, there is also a Bethesda Game Studios Verified Creator Program. Players will need to apply for verification.

If accepted, you can “earn a royalty for each of your Creations sold within Skyrim Special Edition”. Members will have the freedom to “set prices for their Creations”. According to an official FAQ section, there will be a set selection of pricing options.

This carves a brand-new path for talented fans to establish themselves in the industry. The official validation will speak volumes for selected creatives.

It’s a warm and overdue gesture, recognizing the longtime skills of Skyrim fans who contributed many iconic mods. The community has kept itself thriving, as fans await Elder Scrolls 6.

Bethesda also announced several new creations, to celebrate the new platform. These include East Empire Expansion, Legendary Dungeons – Dwarven Delves, Katja the Thief, Aldmeri Anti-Mage, Winterfrost, Arquebus, and Shadetree Lodge.

Naturally, the Creations platform is sort of an overhaul of the previous system. Smaller tools have been affected, such as the Creation Kit. Players must have the latest version to upload creations, now.

The flexibility of the new platform seems fairly impressive and tidy. If it genuinely serves the creatives well enough, it could set a good example for other studios.

Xbox has recently stated it would like Starfield to eventually earn the same popularity as Skyrim. But the Elder Scrolls series continues to effectively expand and appreciate the fandom.

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