Top bet365 Commercials

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Despite operating in the UK and other countries since 2001, bet365 only launched in the US in 2021, meaning their American commercials are all relatively new.

But even in this short time, they’ve made quite an impression, with fans (and detractors alike) discussing their ads all over the Internet.

Most of the discussions center around how frequently the commercials appear on TV and their celebrity spokesman, Aaron Paul.

Top bet365 Commercials Over The Years

With more online sportsbooks and casinos operating in the US than ever before, it’s unsurprising that the battle for market dominance is being played out in the field of advertisement.

Brands need new customers to keep growing, and what better way to promote their offers and features than with memorable commercials?

Marketing can make or break a brand, and online sports betting is no different.

This is especially true for new and foreign-owned brands that might not have been as well-known in the US before the laws started opening up for them to operate in the country.

They have to compete against the big names in betting and gambling, many of which have massive contracts with celebrities in both sports and entertainment and make their mark in a marketing space that’s already feeling over-saturated.

Has bet365 succeeded?

Keep reading to learn more about their marketing efforts, their biggest commercials, and why fans love them or hate them.

bet365 “World’s Favorite Sportsbook” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2020

Paul debuted as the face of bet365’s American operation in this commercial in October 2020.

The actor, best known for his role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, looks dark, serious, and mysterious as he welcomes the sports betting giant to New Jersey, invoking a cleaner version of his drug-peddling persona from the hit TV series.

“Welcome to bet365,” he says, “the world’s favorite sportsbook.”

He then goes on to list the different sports users can bet on –football, basketball, baseball, hockey, MMA, and soccer as the games play out in massive 3D light projections.

“You can even make a bet while the game is still being played,” he adds, promoting the app’s in-play feature. “Yes, you can.”

You can watch the ad here.

bet365 “In-Play Betting” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2020

Back for a second 30-second sequel, Paul asks the camera, “Do you wanna bet on live sports?”

Wearing the same black leather jacket from the first ad, he is once again surrounded by projections of sports moments and the app’s interface.

To convince us that bet365 is “the world’s greatest sportsbook,” Paul reminds us of the different types of bets we can make on the app.

Touchdowns. Money line. Puck line. Total hits. Next goalscorer.

This commercial is specifically promoting the app’s in-play betting feature, which allows users to make bets while the game is still being played.

Watch Aaron Paul in this commercial here.

bet365 “Over 45 Million Members” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2020

Paul was back for a third bet365 commercial in 2020, this time asking audiences why they’re not members of the “world’s favorite sportsbook”.

“At last count,” he continues, “we had over 45 million members worldwide.”

Positioning bet365 as the world’s #1 sportsbook, this commercial uses the same computer-generated background as the first two, surrounding Paul in images meant to evoke the excitement of sports betting.

But I personally find the result too dark and overwhelming, and it definitely doesn’t make me want to place a bet– it makes me want to run away from that high-tech world.

You can watch this ad here and come to your own conclusions.

bet365 “Wager on Anything” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2022

A couple of years after his initial batch of commercials for the sports betting brand, Aaron Paul returned with this 30-second ad in which he lists more types of available bets.

“bet365 is the world’s favorite sportsbook for many reasons,” Paul continues, pointing out that users can bet on the spread, game props, player props, totals, and the money line.

The commercial is all about promoting in-play betting, which allows users to bet live during the game, and, at least according to Aaron, one of the many reasons people love bet365.

Watch the ad here.

Bet 365 “The World’s Favorite Sportsbook” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2022

In yet another iteration of his CGI commercials for the sportsbook, Paul is still wearing the same clothes –dark colors and leather– while reminding us why bet365 is no ordinary betting app.

He reminds us that we can watch 1000s of live games, build our own bets, and bet on games while they’re still being played.

“Seriously,” he says. Seriously? For me, four nearly identical ads are a bit of an overkill.

What do you think of this spot?

bet365 “Never Ordinary” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2023

Aaron Paul finally changes his outfit for this 2023 commercial, ditching not only the dark, bad-boy look but the overwhelming CGI from his previous ads.

This time, he’s surrounded by other people at a packed stadium, telling viewers about the $365 bonus for anyone betting at least $1.

He also mentions the Bet Boost, Profit Boost, and Super Boost features without really explaining what they are, merely saying they “power up the odds”.

“It’s never ordinary at bet365,” he proclaims, as we zoom over the stadium only to notice there aren’t any teams on the field, just fans in the stands.

That is definitely not an ordinary sporting event.

Watch this commercial here.

bet365 “Curling” Commercial Starring Aaron Paul, 2023

In this ad, Aaron is back yet again for probably his best commercial yet.

“At Bet 365, we don’t do ordinary,” he declares as a game of curling begins in front of a rapt audience.

It seems everyone and their mother is captivated by this little-followed sport that involves pushing a large stone around an ice rink with what looks like brooms.

“Every moment in sports should be epic,” Paul adds as the crowd celebrates a point.

The streets erupted in cheers, song, and dance– an entire carnival just for curling.

One guy doing his groceries is pretty confused about the ruckus. “What is that? Curling? Nah.”

But everyone else is having a blast, which is the whole point of the commercial: sports should be joyous, fun, and exciting. They should be celebrated as a community.

And with curling taking over the world, Aaron Paul is kind of forgotten for most of the minute-long ad.

“So whatever the sport, whatever the moment,” our celebrity ambassador concludes, “it’s never ordinary at bet365.”

Watch this fun, original commercial here.

Aaron Paul Overload

Listen, I love Aaron Paul as an actor, but I’m not alone in saying his bet365 commercials, which are everywhere, all the time, can be too much and yet unimaginative at the same time.

But I will give them props for the “curling” ad because even though it was launched for the start of the NFL season, it doesn’t mention football once, which is pretty original.

It’s all about the fun and the excitement of watching sports together, which the first set of ads is definitely missing. What do you think about Aaron Paul’s commercials? Which one is your favorite? Have any of them convinced you to sign up for the bet365 no deposit bonus?