Atlus Developing Games For Netflix Platform, It’s Claimed

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It has been claimed that Atlus (Shin Megami Tensai, Persona) is developing games for Netflix’s gaming platform, which has gone from strength to strength in the last few months. This news comes years after Sega revealed it was considering a ‘global expansion’ of Atlus that would see the forty-year-old firm’s games released on other platforms.

What Atlus Games Could Come to Netflix?

It’s not yet known which Atlus games could make their way to Netflix, but there are expectations that some kind of mobile port for the Persona series or some of the older Shin Megami Tensai games would migrate over. In a thread posted on NeoGAF, fans discussed the implications of this news, with some taking it in a more negative light and dropping claims of Atlus ‘selling out’.

Elsewhere, some fans were supportive of the reports, suggesting that it might ‘help bring P5X to the West and maybe gacha free’. That latter point is a subject of contention, as recently, it was revealed that Netflix is looking at ways to monetise its games now that the platform has become so popular.

In recent months, the addition of games like Grand Theft Auto has bolstered Netflix’s gaming service immeasurably. It’s a service that’s going gangbusters, even amid news that Netflix might introduce ads or paid in-game premium content to profit from the growth.

What Atlus games do you want to see come to Netflix?

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  1. Sega’s getting their money right now. Hey Netflix can you make Sonic Adventure 3? Remakes of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 would also be great and Shadow The Hedgehog since you’re throwing money around. While you’re at it pay for another season of Shenmue The Animation.

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