Astro Bot Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

astro bot

From today, PlayStation users can pre-order Astro Bot, securing one of three editions and locking in some bonus content that serves as a tasty throwback to the days gone by of the PlayStation universe. In the Digital Deluxe Edition, players can secure the Yharnam Tourist outfit, which is probably the only reference they’ll ever see of Bloodborne being pulled onto the PlayStation 5.

Astro Bot Bonanza

Three editions of Astro Bot can be pre-ordered starting today, June 7:

  • Physical Standard Edition
  • Digital Standard Edition
  • Digital Deluxe Edition

Every pre-order earns players a PaRappa-themed outfit, a special in-game speeder skin, and two exclusive avatars. The physical edition also comes with a unique two-sided poster that features a short comic strip based on Astro Bot’s adventures.

For those investing in the Digital Deluxe Edition, there are three outfits to secure: Yharnam Tourist, Golden, and Lovestruck Lyricist. This edition also includes three speeder skins, the game’s official soundtrack and digital art gallery, plus twelve PSN avatars.

Prospective fans are already going wild over the Bloodborne-themed content in Astro Bot:

Astro Bot is set to be released by Team Asobi on September 6, exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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