An Among Us Animated Series is Coming, But Who Is The Impostor?

among us animated series

Is it green? Is it red? Is it that weird cyan-kind-of-shade that nobody can ever identify correctly? It doesn’t have any kind of a release window just yet, but it has been revealed that Among Us, the absolute smash-hit of an indie game that took the world by storm following its release in 2018, is getting an animated series.

It has been said that this all-new production will be based around the core premise of the game itself, which sees a crew of hapless space explorers running around a ship and performing several tasks while being hunted by aliens that have become the host of one or more crewmates.

It Writes Itself

Admittedly, an Among Us animated series could be wickedly thrilling, with the impostor not being revealed until the show’s final episode.

There isn’t much information about the project at present, but we know (thanks to Variety) that Innersloth, the game’s developer, is heavily involved with the production of the show, keeping it true to the source material. There is also involvement from Owen Dennis, of Cartoon Network fame, and Titmouse, the production studio that has worked on the likes of Big Mouth in the past.

It comes as no surprise that more developers want to push their games into the multimedia space, as some productions and crossovers have found their feet in epic fashion in recent years. For instance, The Last of Us, which debuted as a television series this year and promptly shattered records as a crossover project.

Are you excited to see an Among Us animated series?

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