Xbox Series X Getting Major Black Friday Discount

Xbox Series X Black Friday
Photo by Billy Freeman on Unsplash

If you’ve been holding out on buying a new Xbox Series X, Black Friday might be the time you’ve been waiting for.

According to reputable leaker billbil-kun, Microsoft is set to lower the price of the Xbox Series X by €150. That brings the price down to €399 for the holiday shopping season.

Should Microsoft do the same discount in the United States, a $150 discount would bring the console to $350 three years after its launch. It also comes at a time when Sony is releasing its new slim PlayStation 5 console, though that doesn’t seem to come with a price discount as of posting.

Billbill-kun added that more discounts could be added on top of the €150 one.

“For your information, other merchants could offer additional discounts, such as Auchan, which will offer an additional 10 euros on the loyalty card, i.e. a final price of 389.99 euros,” he said.

Microsoft has yet to officially announce its Xbox Series X deals for Black Friday and the 2023 holiday shopping season.

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