Working Classic Minimap Found in Modern Warfare 2 BETA

A new flurry of leaks has hit the internet following the Xbox version of the Modern Warfare 2 BETA becoming available. One such leak shows that the classic minimap appears to be a toggle option in the menu of the game.

Twitter user @Duarte55440146 has shown on Twitter that the option to toggle on “Weapon pings on minimap” is a feature.

Although it was originally believed to be left over code in the game, Duarte79 followed up the tweet showing the classic minimap working in the game.

It’s unclear why exactly the option is available in the Xbox version of the game, as Infinity Ward shared yesterday in a blog post that the current minimap design is because “we do not want to punish players for firing their weapons”.

The decision has been met with harsh criticism online and it’s unclear if Infinity Ward will revert the decision at a later date.

It’s been claimed by content creators in the past, including from Call of Duty website CharlieINTEL, that the classic minimap was available in a June playtest of the game. The minimap though was apparently a mistake and “would be removed” it’s claimed.

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