Surfshark Streaming

We all have that one show we saw in passing; it’s from a foreign country and caught your attention almost immediately.

However, your country’s streaming services don’t offer it on-demand, so what now?

Streaming with a VPN provides a solution for those who subscribe, and let me tell you, it’s worth every penny.

On this page, we will guide you through Surfshark streaming capabilities, the compatible devices available and what services can be accessed.

Why do I need SurfsharkVPN for streaming?

There’s nothing wrong with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. They offer plenty of series and the occasional movie to enjoy on the weekends.

But there’s so much more out there!

The world is vast, and the selection of media available in other countries sometimes dwarfs what you can access, but that’s no longer the case with Surfshark streaming.

On top of unique and ever-useful security features, such as hiding your IP address and securing your connection while on a public network, SurfsharkVPN for streaming allows you to connect to location-specific streaming networks, such as BritBox or RTS Switzerland.

What streaming devices is SurfsharkVPN compatible with?


What major streaming services can I access?

Whether you have a favorite streaming service or simply want to explore your options, SurfsharkVPN allows access to many of the major platforms, such as:

NetflixDisney+Amazon Prime Video
AppleTVHBO MaxComedy Central

What international streaming services can I access?

If your tastes lie more on the international side, such as Korean dramas or British thrillers, then the international streaming services available to you with SurfsharkVPN include:

CBC CanadaBritBoxAntena 3
GloboplayCTV Live10 Player

What sports streaming service can I access?

Never miss a single game again. With Surfshark streaming, you can watch sports channels such as;

Eurosport PlayerMotorTrend on DemandBein Sports
BT SportPremier LeagueUFC

What music streaming services can I access?

If you’re anything like me, you need music playing in the background for almost everything you do. SurfsharkVPN enables connection to;

SpotifyPandoraAmazon MusicApple Music

Whether your sole focus for downloading a VPN is because you want to watch international media, or because you want all of the safety and security features on offer, there’s something for everyone.

Surfshark streaming is a valuable service, and I’m happy to pay monthly to enjoy everything the world offers!

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