Surfshark VPN Locations

Throughout this page, you will be given an overview of the most important information regarding the Surfshark VPN locations offering.

This will include the regions made accessible, the territories in which this service is restricted or encounters disruptions, and any smart features that can provide you with the optimal experience.

What Surfshark VPN locations are available?

With coverage in over 100 countries, spread across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and the Americas, Surfshark VPN boasts one of the most prominent coverage networks of any VPN on the market today.

Many of its competitors typically provide coverage based in and around major cities.

Their services offer VPN servers in London, Paris, and New York — the typical offerings one would expect from a VPN.

But Surfshark VPN takes their connection seriously by offering Andorra, Albania, Kazakhstan, Laos, Algeria, and countless others.

Unfortunately, many countries around the globe still restrict internet access. These include China, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkmenistan, and a handful of others.

For citizens in such countries, accessing reliable and unrestricted internet proves challenging.

Surfshark VPN aims to offer a solution by focusing on a singular goal: ensuring everyone has internet access.

Surfshark VPN Locations by Continent


Bosnia & HerzegovinaBulgariaCroatia
IrelandIsle of ManItaly
North MacedoniaNorwayPoland
Czech RepublicFranceGeorgia
SpainSwedenUnited Kingdom


BoliviaCosta RicaPeru
BrazilEcuadorUnited States

Middle East & Africa

NigeriaSaudi ArabiaSouth Africa
IsraelUnited Arab EmiratesMorocco

Asia Pacific

CambodiaHong KongIndia
KazakhstanLaosMacau SAR China
Myanmar (Burma)NepalNew Zealand
SingaporeSouth KoreaSri Lanka

What Surfshark VPN locations are restricted?

To provide VPN service to as many customers as imaginable, Surfshark VPN routinely examines countries globally to determine those with restrictions or bans.

Of the 195 countries and territories they examine regularly, 15 include restrictions, with most in or around Asia.

Their findings indicate a staggering 3.7 billion people were blocked from VPN usage by the government.

These countries include Egypt, Uganda, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Tanzania, Turkmenistan, and the UAE.

With those countries in mind, it’s important to note that Surfshark VPN does offer servers in some of these countries, including China and Pakistan.

Due to the restrictions in place, however, users from outside those countries can connect to the region, but those living within the country cannot connect to outside regions.

Does Surfshark VPN offer additional location features?

While many countries have restrictions, Surfshark VPN offers numerous innovative location features to help its users remain connected.

These features include camouflaging your IP from everyone, including your internet provider.

But that’s not all, as the service offers built-in safety features to take things further. For instance, the kill switch ensures that should users lose connection to the VPN at any time, the switch activates and shuts down to prevent activity and sensitive data exposure.

It’s just one more leak-prevention and protection method that allows users to browse safely and without worry.

Overall, between over 100 countries supported via a network of 3,200 servers, along with the intelligent location features constantly running in the background, Surfshark VPN steps far ahead of the competition.

You can connect to almost any country in the world, ensure a stable connection, and remain private the whole time.

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