Surfshark Linux VPN

Linux remains one of the most niche operating systems on the planet, but it’s also the most versatile.

It’s open-source, meaning anyone or any service willing to do the work can make do, including a VPN.

On this page, we will explore the Surfshark Linux VPN further, as well as the features available, the system requirements, security protocols, and more.

Does Surfshark work on Linux?

Surfshark works on Linux and is straightforward to set up and use daily.

Whether you’re running Linux on a home computer, a tablet, or even the Steam Deck, you can rest easy knowing your favorite VPN is only a few clicks away.

There are numerous reasons why this is many people’s go-to VPN.

First and foremost, the app features a dedicated and simplified graphical user interface, making it simple to navigate and use daily.

Second, on Linux, Surfshark offers 10 Gbit ports on each server!

Are all Surfshark features available on Linux?

Unfortunately, not every feature is available on Linux.

When you look at the provider’s overall scope, it’s clear why Surfshark is a top choice amongst users.

However, on Linux, only a few key features are available, namely the ability to change protocols and utilize static servers.

This is alongside most of its security features, which are designed to protect your data on the fly.

The ability to change protocols means you can select the most reliable and secure protocol before connecting to the network.

As for static servers, those allow you to retain the same IP address when you connect to a server.

They’re helpful features, for sure, but I hope the feature set expands greatly on Linux!

What Linux distros is Surfshark compatible with?

DEBIAN 11 or higherUBUNTU 20.04 or higherMINT 20 or higher

What are the system requirements for running Surfshark on Linux?

The overall system requirements for Surfshark on Linux prove relatively accessible to most systems running the operating system.

They include support for AMD64, systemd, GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and the distros mentioned above.

How is the user interface of Surfshark on Linux?

The team at Surfshark have designed a graphical user interface that makes navigating the platform a breeze.

Their goal was to offer a more user-friendly approach without tinkering, and they achieved their goal.

You can easily connect to servers, whether you want the fastest or the closest, browse an entire list of servers without interruption, and mark your favorites.

None of this navigation requires entering lines into the terminal.

What security protocols are available for Surfshark on Linux?

Surfshark on Linux utilizes OpenVPN.

You can swap between UDP or TCP for greater control, with the former offering better speeds by default.

You can easily swap between the two or leave it on the default UDP setting by hitting ‘Enter.’

Does Surfshark split tunneling work on Linux?

Unfortunately, one of Surfshark’s most popular features, split tunneling, is not yet available on Linux.

They’ve considered it and may add it in the future, but for now, it’s not included.

Does the automatic killswitch work on Linux?

On the other hand, one of the most remarkable and most valuable features Surfshark offers does indeed work on Linux.

You can activate the kill switch feature by opening the app, choosing settings, and then navigating to VPN settings.

From here, scroll down and toggle the switch on the Kill Switch feature. It’ll function as intended on your Linux system moving forward!

How to install Surfshark for Linux?

  • Subscribe to one of the Surfshark plans.
  • Open the Linux terminal (CTRL+ALT+T).
  • Log in to Surfshark.
  • Connect to a VPN server from within the graphical user interface.

Is Surfshark on Linux good for gaming?

It’s tough enough finding a selection of good games that support Linux, let alone running them through a VPN service.

However, with the introduction of the Steam Deck, that problem becomes a thing of the past.

I can’t get enough of my Steam Deck, especially after a long day, and now it pairs well with Surfshark.

If you primarily play on the Deck, then Surfshark is a no-brainer!

Does Surfshark offer Linux support?

Surfshark primarily offers customer support for its services and mainly for subscribers.

If you have trouble with Linux, you’ll find far better help online, in communities such as Reddit or Quora, than from the team at Surfshark.

Regarding Linux as a whole, it’s a give-and-take. You have this utterly open-source operating system with unparalleled freedom, but it’s complex.

That complexity means choosing a VPN like Surfshark for Linux requires sacrificing a few features along the way.

But most of what you need, like security protocols, remains available with a subscription.

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