Surfshark Browser Extensions

Whether you have subscribed to a VPN or are still on the fence and looking for one more reason, a competent browser extension may be precisely what you need.

These allow for the utmost convenience when surfing the web safely and securely.

Throughout this page, we will guide you through the Surfshark browser extensions available, including the features and setup for each.

Why do I need a SurfsharkVPN browser extension?

SurfsharkVPN alone is a fantastic service that provides value to those who want anonymity and security online.

But for a time, using VPNs typically meant downloading an app to run in the background.

Browser extensions help to simplify this process.

Besides the usual benefits, such as additional security, Surfshark browser extensions work continuously to block advertisements, protect IP leaks, stop malware, and ensure you have a lightning-quick connection.

It is a tiny package available directly in your browser, and with a single click, you can activate the service or pause its protection altogether.

What browser extensions are available?


What systems are these browser extensions compatible with?


How to set up the Chrome extension

  • Visit the SurfsharkVPN Chrome Extension landing page
  • Select “Download extension”.
  • Navigate to the Chrome Web Store
  • Click “Add to Chrome”.
  • Wait for the download to finish, then connect to a VPN server.

How to set up the Firefox extension

  • Visit the SurfsharkVPN Firefox Extension landing page or the Firefox Browser Add-Ons page.
  • Search for Surfshark VPN Extension.
  • Click “Download”.
  • Once downloaded, sign up for SurfsharkVPN.
  • Connect to a VPN server from the extension’s window.

How to set up the Microsoft Edge extension

  • Visit the SurfsharkVPN Microsoft Edge Extension landing page
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons page, and click “Get”.
  • Once the download finishes, log in to SurfsharkVPN
  • Connect to a server.

Why is a SurfsharkVPN browser extension better than a free proxy?

Unfortunately, a VPN proxy extension, which is typically free to download and use, will often sell your information.

The service remains free because it monetizes your web usage, without reinvesting the money it earns.

You will not receive stable or fast speeds and most completely forego necessary features and security buffs.

Alternatively, while it comes with a monthly cost (still relatively inexpensive!), Surfshark browser extensions offer the same valuable features you would receive from a subscription, with added convenience.

You can access encryption and security features and quick-connect to servers globally, all with a button.

SurfsharkVPN makes it easier and more accessible than ever to enjoy their service no matter what or where you surf the web!

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