NordVPN Linux

Linux is still a relatively niche operating system, meaning not every service or software provides competent support.

Thankfully, there are numerous VPN providers that ensure your Linux system remains protected and connected globally!

Here, we’ll dive into NordVPN on Linux to discover what makes it worthwhile, including the available features, system requirements, and more!

Does NordVPN work on Linux?

NordVPN does indeed work on Linux.

It features a native VPN app that functions well within the Linux Terminal, allowing you to connect and swap servers relatively easily.

It’s missing a few key features and quality-of-life tweaks that would be nice to see, but it’s still one of the best services in the game.

If you’re running a Linux-based system, you certainly have options for a competent VPN.

But few offer the level of support, the numerous features, and the affordability of NordVPN!

Are all NordVPN features available on Linux?

You’ll find that most of the key features we love about NordVPN, including its integrated killswitch, high-speed servers, and cutting-edge protection, work tirelessly in the background, even on Linux.

Of course, there are missing features.

Linux remains a highly unique and often complex operating system, so not everything functions well within its environment.

For instance, split tunneling cannot be used on Linux.

But we’ll explore that more later!

What Linux distros is NordVPN compatible with?

DebianUbuntuElementary OSLinux MintRPM-Based

What are the system requirements for running NordVPN on Linux?

The native NordVPN application proves extremely lightweight and user-friendly.

As long as your device utilizes one of the aforementioned Linux distros, you can run the VPN service without worry.

To successfully use this, you require a computer with basic knowledge of Linux, Sudo privileges, an active subscription to NordVPN, and OpenVPN configuration files (for the OpenVPN app).

How is the user interface?

I’ve found that this is one of the drawbacks of using NordVPN on Linux.

While many of its competitors offer a graphical user interface, which makes running a VPN an absolute breeze, the NordVPN Linux native application does not provide the same.

If you wish to use NordVPN on this system, you must input commands manually via the Linux terminal window.

If you have any experience with the OS, you should find it straightforward enough to set up NordVPN, connect to a server, and run your VPN in the background without trouble.

A GUI would be more accessible and certainly more welcome, in my opinion!

What security protocols are available for NordVPN on Linux?

NordVPN offers multiple security protocols for its service, including OpenVPN and WireGuard.

On Linux, you’re more likely to use OpenVPN. It’s more accessible and comprehensive while offering flexibility and ease of use for everyday users.

You have two options – OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP. Using the Terminal, you can easily swap between the two when necessary.

Does NordVPN split tunneling work on Linux?

Unfortunately, as is increasingly common with modern VPN services, split tunneling isn’t an available feature on Linux.

It’s a core feature for other operating systems, such as Windows or the NordVPN Android app. However, it is unavailable on Linux and macOS.

Some users have found it possible to install split tunneling with Ubuntu manually.

Still, it requires advanced knowledge of the Linux OS and overall computer skills that the average user likely won’t have.

Does the automatic killswitch work on Linux?

Yes, the NordVPN native application for Linux features a built-in kill switch. This designed to terminate your connection entirely should you lose access to the VPN server.

If, for any reason, you start to lose your connection, the killswitch automatically switches on.

This protects your sensitive data, browsing history, and other key logs that someone may steal and use against you.

How to install NordVPN for Linux?

  • Download the NordVPN Linux Client.
  • Log in to your NordVPN profile.
  • Connect to a VPN server.

Is NordVPN on Linux good for gaming?

When researching a good VPN for Linux, specifically for gaming, you’ll likely stumble upon most services claiming they’re “the best.”

But NordVPN backs up its claims as being the top VPN for gaming, even on Linux, with exceptional features.

For instance, they offer zero restrictions, meaning if a game unlocks in a foreign region, you can connect there and play.

Furthermore, the lightning-quick speeds mean you won’t fall victim to latency during a competitive FPS match!

Does NordVPN offer Linux support?

NordVPN offers exceptional customer support for its products and services, but those on a Linux-based system have a wide range of support articles available in their help center.

These articles cover installation, switching security protocols, using the Terminal to access a server, and so much more.

It’s pretty extensive, and you’ll likely find any help you require there!

Despite a few missing features, like a graphical user interface and split tunneling, I feel NordVPN offers one of the most user-friendly experiences on Linux.

It’s straightforward to set up, with countless help articles available, and the feature set provides enough reason to subscribe and begin protecting your system today!

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