ExpressVPN Streaming

Have you ever noticed how your favorite streaming service appears extremely limited these days while the cost increases?

If you look at their catalog in another country, you will find a broad and growing selection of television series and movies ordinarily unavailable.

Here, we will guide you through ExpressVPN streaming capabilities, the compatible devices available and what services can be accessed.

Why do I need ExpressVPN for streaming?

The most prominent reason why anyone would download a VPN for streaming is the exact reason why I did so myself.

It was not because of throttling, though avoiding throttling is a massive plus in my book.

I wanted access to more shows and movies. We watch a lot of content in my household, and it is easy to run through everything good on a streaming service in a month. We wanted more!

In addition to accessing additional content on your favorite services, ExpressVPN streaming can help better protect you by hiding your IP address.

This prevents anyone on a public network from finding your information.

What streaming devices is ExpressVPN compatible with?

Samsung Smart TVApple TVGoogle Chromecast
Amazon Fire TVAmazon Fire StickRoku
Nvidia Shield

What major streaming services can I access?

The majority of us have monthly subscriptions to the most popular streaming services, but it is easy to run through the content regularly. With ExpressVPN streaming, you can experience more, including the following;

NetflixHuluAmazon Prime
HBOApple TV+Sling

What international streaming services can I access?

The world is positively massive, with many more content streaming networks out there to explore and enjoy, such as:

BritBoxCBC CanadaSwedish TV
MotorTrend on DemandCanal+BBC iPlayer

What sports streaming service can I access?

Missing even a single game can be akin to betraying your sporting community. With ExpressVPN streaming, you can remain connected to any team with access to channels such as;

ESPNBein SportsSky Sport
MotorTrend on DemandEurosport PlayerUFC
BT SportESPN3Premier League

What music streaming services can I access?

As someone who listens to music constantly while working, I love having access to any of the key music streaming services, including:

SpotifyPandoraAmazon Music PrimeMusic Festivals Live

Accessing the top platforms worldwide to enjoy content no matter where you live is one of life’s little joys when using ExpressVPN streaming. For many, it’s the sole reason they subscribed!

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