ExpressVPN macOS

ExpressVPN offers a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with the macOS environment, providing a reliable and secure experience for Apple users.

This page will guide you through ExpressVPN macOS compatibility, what features are available on this device, and how to install the service.

Does ExpressVPN work on macOS?

Yes, ExpressVPN is compatible with macOS.

This ensures that all traffic coming from your computer is fully encrypted.

This allows them to torrent, stream and game, all whilst simultaneously safeguarding their personal information and additional data.

Are all ExpressVPN features available for Mac?

ExpressVPN offers all its features on macOS, ensuring that users have access to the full suite of functionalities available on other platforms.

These include connections with their expansive location network, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions effortlessly.

The strong encryption protocols employed by the provider ensure your online activities remain private and secure.

Users can access the automatic kill switch function, and maximize flexibility in routing internet traffic with split tunneling.

In addition to this, macOS customers can avail of 24/7 customer support in the event of any issues or inquiries.

What system versions of macOS does ExpressVPN work on?

macOS Sonoma (14)macOS Ventura (13)macOS Monterey (12)
masOS Big Sur (11)macOS Catalina (10.15)macOS Mojave (10.14)
macOS High Sierra (10.13)macOS Sierra (10.12)OS X El Capitan (10.11)

What macOS products can you connect to ExpressVPN on?

MacBookMacbook AirMacBook ProiMac
iMac ProMac ProMac Mini

What are the system requirements for running ExpressVPN on Mac?

The minimum system requirements for running ExpressVPN on macOS are as follows;

  • MacOS 10.12 or higher
  • 1GB of memory
  • Sufficient storage space

How is the user interface of ExpressVPN for Mac?

Just like macOS itself, the ExpressVPN interface aims for simplicity and functionality.

All it takes is a single click to enable or disable the service, with a large button placed directly on the home screen.

ExpressVPN will auto-connect to the server it deems best for you, but underneath the large power button suggested servers will appear. This gives you the ability to change to the server you want.

Under the menu, you will find many options and settings to customize your experience.

What security protocols are available for ExpressVPN on macOS?

ExpressVPN offers several security protocols for its macOS application. They include OpenVPN (UDP/TCP), IKEv2/IPsec, and Lightway.

OpenVPN is known for safety and provides encryption and authentication to your VPN.

IKEv2 is also known for security and ensures stability and fast reconnection times.

Lightway is an ExpressVPN experimental protocol and is still in beta, but offers excellent speeds.

ExpressVPN for macOS allows users to choose their preferred security protocol within the app settings. This provides flexibility and customization for your specific needs and preferences.

Each protocol offers a different balance of speed, security, and compatibility, leaving you to decide which is best.

Does split tunneling work on Mac?

Split Tunneling on ExpressVPN for macOS does indeed work! When split tunneling is enabled, you can select which apps or websites will run through the VPN.

Additionally, you can choose which ones won’t.

Simply click “Add” to add an app or website to the list. Once completed, you can save your settings and restart the service for the changes to take effect.

Does the automatic killswitch work on MacOS?

Yes, the automatic kill switch feature is available on ExpressVPN for macOS.

This feature is designed to protect your privacy and ensure online security by immediately blocking internet traffic if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

When enabled, the kill switch monitors your VPN connection on your macOS device.

If the connection becomes unstable or encounters an unforeseen interruption, the kill switch activates and blocks all internet traffic on your device until a reconnection occurs. This prevents your data from being exposed to your internet service provider or other potential threats.

How to install ExpressVPN on Mac?

To install ExpressVPN on macOS, follow these steps:

  • Go to the ExpressVPN website
  • Select “Download Mac VPN”
  • Once downloaded, open the download folder and double-click the file
  • In the new window, click “Continue” through the installation guide
  • Select “Install”
  • Enter the device password, and click “Install Software”
  • If you agree to the terms, click “Allow & Continue”
  • Enter your username and password to log in
  • Click the power button to connect to a server

Is ExpressVPN on macOS good for gaming?

ExpressVPN provides encryption and privacy features that can help protect your online gaming from potential threats.

This can be especially important if you’re gaming on public Wi-Fi networks or want to prevent DDoS attacks.

Pairing privacy and security with the fastest speeds available, ExpressVPN can choose a server closer to the gaming servers you are using, increasing your gaming speeds.

Does ExpressVPN offer Mac support?

Yes, it does! ExpressVPN has a robust support system in place, making problem resolution easily achievable.

In the Help & Support section, you will find many useful articles and FAQs, packed with useful information. If that doesn’t help, you can access 24/7 live support.

If you’re looking to keep both your device and data safe while browsing, ExpressVPN for macOS is the right choice.

You can control and customize your VPN experience however you like! With the full set of features available to you, you will can browse with confidence.

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