Express VPN Vs. Surfshark VPN

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Whether it’s a TV show you can’t access, a game that isn’t available in your region, or even slow internet speeds, using a VPN almost always seems to be the answer.

They are cost-effective, fast, and get the job done with only a press of a button.

That said, there are more VPNs today than there have been ever before.

Two of the best virtual private networks on the market are Express VPN and Surfshark.

Both are user-friendly experiences and are recommended by the majority of users.

If you seem to be torn between the two, here’s our guide on which one suits your needs.

Express VPN vs. Surfshark: What’s The Difference

Express VPN gives you access to servers spread across 105 countries and that too at a mind-boggling speed of 253 Mbps (USA).

Furthermore, Express VPN supports virtually every major operating platform, mobile (Android & iOS), and all popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

It also gives you free dedicated gaming console/handheld VPN integration and a password manager.

In comparison, while Surfshark does maintain itself in the low 100s, it averages in at 59 Mbps across its available 100 servers.

But where Surfshark truly shines is with allowing connections across unlimited devices opposite to Express VPN’s limit of 8.

At Surfshark’s higher tiers, you’ll also get a private search engine, webcam protection, and antivirus protection.

As for pricing, the lowest you’ll have to spend with Surfshark is $2.01 per month (2-Yr plan). Whereas for Express VPN it will be $8.32 per month (1-Yr plan).

Express VPN vs. Surfshark Plan Comparison

Express VPN and Surfshark are neck-to-neck in terms of pure capability.

For a better understanding of which one you might need, here’s a breakdown of their plans, what they come with, and for how much.

Express VPN

Unlike most other networks, Express VPN does not offer multiple tiers. Instead, there is a single all-in-one bundle that contains the following perks.

Plan TierWhat’s IncludedPlan Pricing
Express VPNHigh-speed VPN, Tracker blocker, Ad Blocker, Gaming console/handheld VPN integration, Password Manager, Availability of a first-party VPN router$8.32 per month (1-Yr Plan)
$9.99 per month (6 Month Plan)
$12.95 per month

Surfshark VPN

Here are the plans for the Surfshark VPN and their pricing.

Plan TierWhat’s IncludedPlan Pricing (2-Yr)
Surfshark One+Data removal from databases, Secure VPN, Ad blocker, Cookie blocker, Private search engine, Webcam protection, Antivirus/anti-spyware/malware protection, Real-time breach alerts, Masked email generator$4.01/month
Surfshark OneSecure VPN, Ad blocker, Cookie blocker, Private search engine, Webcam protection, Antivirus/anti-spyware/malware protection, Real-time breach alerts, Masked email generator$2.71/month
Surfshark StarterSecure VPN, Ad blocker, Cookie pop-up blocker$2.01/month

Express VPN vs. Surfshark: Which One Is Better?

With everything discussed above, which is the best VPN between the two?

Best Fastest VPN: Express VPN

express vpn

The 253 Mbps connection speed you get with Express VPN speaks for itself when it comes to owning the fastest VPN.

Add in the dedicated gaming VPN integration for your PS5, Xbox, Nintendo handheld, and mobile, Express becomes the obvious choice if you need fast response times.

It’s simply the best choice if you’re into eSports or like playing competitively.

The password manager and ad blocker are handy little extras, especially in the modern day and age where everything is digital.

Express VPN is the best choice if speed is what you need, otherwise, Surfshark might be what you are looking for.

Best Reliable VPN: Surfshark

best vpn 2024 surfshark

Because of its stable VPN, private search engine, malware protection, and ad blocker support, Surfshark is the ultimate package for anyone who needs an all-rounder VPN.

That too at a modest price of $2.01 (2-Yr plan).

Surfshark offers the most features at the lowest possible price point. It’s reliable, versatile, and will have your back in any situation.

And best of all, it won’t even put a dent in your wallet.

Best Value VPN: Both Express VPN & Surfshark

Both Express VPN and Surfshark are stellar value services.

Express VPN’s $8.32 price target is surely steep compared to Surfshark’s $2.01, but it undoubtedly has the better cost-to-speed ratio.

However, Surfshark has the better commodities that’s for sure.

All in all, it’s a close call.

Our recommendation would be to get Surfshark if you need a well-rounded VPN with tons of features, that is still light on your wallet.

On the other hand, if you’re a hardcore gamer or simply desire the fastest connection speeds, Express VPN is the way to go.