CyberGhost VPN Pricing Plans: Which is the best value?

Here, we will guide you through CyberGhost VPN pricing, what functions are included in each subscription, and which is the best value for money.

CyberGhost Subscription Plans

PlanPriceTotal SpentConnections
1 Month$12.99$12.997
6 Months$6.99$41.947
2 Years + 4 Months$2.03$56.947

What does a CyberGhost subscription include?

Each subscription offers unlimited access to the full list of available features.

Unlike some alternative providers, the usage of specific features is not tiered according to the CyberGhost VPN pricing plan that is chosen.

All three allow for the connection of up to 7 devices, across the entire selection of servers in over 100 locations.

Customers can undertake their preferred activity, whether that be streaming, gaming or torrenting, with the same fast speeds across all plans.

What payment methods does CyberGhost accept?

CyberGhost accept the following payment methods;

VISAMasterCardPayPalGoogle Pay
Apple PayAmazon PayWebMoneySEPA Direct Debit
iDealUnion PayAmerica ExpressBitPay

By accepting payment through the likes of BitPay, CyberGhost facilitates an additional layer of user anonymity being applied to their processes.

Is long-term CyberGhost VPN pricing better value?

From my experience, choosing a longer CyberGhost VPN pricing plan is better value over time in comparison to short, rolling plans.

Short-term plans often give the impression of being the cheapest option. This is because the initial payout is significantly smaller.

However, this is not actually the case.

If you chose the 6-month subscription, you would have one outright payment of $41.94. If you chose to pay monthly for 6 months at $12.99, you would pay $77.94 in total.

This is a price difference of $36. Although the up-front payment for the longer plan appears much higher, it is considerably more cost-effective.

As well as this, long-term CyberGhost VPN pricing plans are more likely to be subject to discounts and promotions.

How to cancel CyberGhost VPN

The process for cancelling your CyberGhost VPN subscription will vary depending on your device.

Windows and MacOS

  • Log into your CyberGhost account on the company website
  • Click “My Account” in the upper right corner
  • Select “Overview”
  • Click “Check subscription”
  • Click “Cancel subscription”
  • You will then provide a reason for the cancellation
  • Click “Confirm”


  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Click Menu on the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click “Subscriptions” and select CyberGhost
  • Click “Cancel Subscription” and confirm


  • Open the App Store
  • Click the circular icon on the top right corner of the screen
  • Select “Subscriptions”
  • In the “Active” section, select CyberGhost
  • Click “Cancel Subscription” and confirm

Compared to other providers, CyberGhost VPN pricing deviates from the usual practice of building subscriptions around accessible features.

Instead, they opt for a time-based approach.

This allows you to experience the full functionalities of the VPN, and decide on the longevity of your purchase based on this.

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