The Switch Isn’t Dead Yet, Says Nintendo

Nintendo Switch dead

The Nintendo Switch is entering its seventh year on the market, and it’s clear that the system’s hardware is starting to show signs of aging. That said, despite concerns about the future of the console, Nintendo is adamant that the Switch isn’t dead nor is it going anywhere any time soon.

During the Q&A portion of its recent earnings call, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that there are still plans to fully support and develop games for the Nintendo Switch. This is in spite of recently declining sales for a system that launched in March 2017.

“Under these circumstances, it is hard to imagine that hardware sales will continue to grow at the same pace they have to date,” Furukawa said about the idea that the Nintendo Switch is dead. “However, there are titles under development for Nintendo Switch, and new titles will continue to be proposed going forward.

“We are seeing both new demand and multiple system demand for the hardware, so we think there is still room for growth in sales. To that end, we want to maintain a high level of engagement with the hardware and create new demand not only by releasing new titles but also by working further to convey the appeal of existing titles.”

What Is Coming For The Nintendo Switch?

To date, the Nintendo Switch has sold over 120M units worldwide, according to VGChartz. That puts it at the top of Nintendo’s best-selling consoles, surpassing the Nintendo Wii’s 101.6M units.

As far as upcoming games are concerned, Nintendo has both The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Pikmin 4 coming in 2023. Aside from that, Metroid Prime 4 remains in development. There are also rumblings of a potential new 3D Mario game in development, though that hasn’t been confirmed as of writing.

What do you think Nintendo might have in the pipeline for “new games” for the Switch?

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