Suicide Squad Trophies Revealed in Full

suicide squad

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will be released soon on January 30, 2024. In the run-up to the launch of Rocksteady’s latest title, early impressions have been flooding the internet, revealing a mixed bag of opinions and expectations. This open-world, anti-hero-fueled romp likely won’t move mountains, but it’s a solid-looking title with plenty of post-launch support being lined up, which is never a bad thing.

Recently, the Suicide Squad Trophies list was revealed online. Read on to see what you’ll be aiming to unlock and achieve in Suicide Squad.

Full Suicide Squad Trophies List

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Here’s the list of Suicide Squad Trophies that was shared on Reddit recently:

The Beginning of the End – The Ultimate Squad Platinum

Cleaning Out the Closet – Steal something useful from the Hall of Justice – Bronze

Hitting the Fan – Survive the Batman Experience – Bronze

Fowl Play – Recruit your first Support Squad member – Bronze

Walled In – Escape plan gone wrong – Bronze

Death Blooms – Recruit your second Support Squad member – Bronze

Blitzkrieg Bop – Destroy the Behemoth – Bronze

Thunderstruck! – Kill The Fastest Man Alive – Silver

Hell and Back – Rescue Lex Luthor – Bronze

Blackest Night – Kill The Green Lantern – Silver

Endgame – Kill The World’s Greatest Detective – Silver

Abandon All Hope – Kill The Man of Steel – Silver

Act of War – Complete your first Incursion Mission – Silver

No One Defeats Brainiac! – Kill The Collector of Worlds – Gold

Battle Lines – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 5 – Bronze

Killin’ Time – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 10 – Silver

Into the Angry Planet – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 15 – Silver

The Final Frontier – Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 20 – Silver

Winged Vengeance – Complete the final Penguin Support Squad Mission – Bronze

War Machine – Complete the final Gizmo Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Welcome to the Jungle! – Complete the final Poison Ivy Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Managing People – Complete the final Rick Flag Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Your World is Mine! – Complete the final Lex Luthor Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Shock Treatment – Complete the final Hack Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Combine and Conquer – Complete the final Toyman Support Squad Mission – Bronze

Turn and Turn Again – Achieve 13 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges – Bronze

Their Dark Designs – Achieve 26 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges – Bronze

Blaze of Glory – Achieve 39 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges – Bronze

The Right Question – Solve 5 of Riddler’s Riddles – Bronze

The Real Deal – Solve 21 of Riddler’s Riddles – Bronze

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One – Collect 10 Riddler Trophies – Bronze

The Oldest One in the Book! – Collect 40 Riddler Trophies – Bronze

Level Up – Reach Level 10 with any Squad Member – Bronze

Harleen the Queen – Reach Max Level with Harley Quinn – Silver

King For A Day – Reach Max Level with King Shark – Silver

Captain Boomerang! Agent of Oz – Reach Max Level with Captain Boomerang – Silver

Lawton’s Last Stand – Reach Max Level with Deadshot – Silver

The Chosen One – Fully complete the Combat Flair checklist 5 times (Single Player Sessions Only) – Silver

Trial by Blood – Reach Squad Level 50 – Silver

Choices – Get Penguin to overhaul a piece of gear – Bronze

The Venom Connection – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 1 Infamy Set – Bronze

All sorts of Fun – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 2 Infamy Set – Bronze

The Reaper – Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 3 Infamy Set – Silver

Trial by Fire – What the hell just happened? – Bronze

Choice of Evils – Unlock a Villain Synergy – Bronze

Grand Experiment – Get Toyman to Elite a piece of gear – Bronze

Forces in Motion – Get Poison Ivy to Supercharge the Affliction on a piece of gear – Bronze

Allies – Complete 50 Support Squad Contracts – Bronze

Number the Dead – Defeat 10 Raising Hell Hit Squads – Bronze

Need to Know – Complete 100 Support Squad Contracts – Bronze

History Repeats – Begin the Batman Experience – Bronze

Are you going to try and get the Platinum on Suicide Squad?

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