One Starfield Player Has Scanned Every Single Planet Possible

starfield player scans

Starfield has been around for just over a month, and for the most part, the community is still enjoying it. There’s plenty to be done, from New Game + to building endless ships, and from going toe-to-toe with space pirates to wooing your companions. Alternatively, you could do what one Starfield player has done and scan every single planet possible in the game.

That’s right – ‘DoomZero’ on Reddit shared the information that they’ve now scanned every single planet in every unique system in Starfield, for a total of 1695 planets. And I don’t just mean ‘scanned’ – I mean fully scanned.

Every item of flora and fauna, every anomaly… All scanned.

How Long Did That Take?

This bizarre and probably insanity-inducing goal was completed in around 180 hours, according to DoomZero on Reddit. It took his character to Level 130, and he stressed that, outside of scanning, he has just twenty hours played of, you know, the actual game.

He shared a follow-up image that revealed what he was doing with the valuable scan data from all these planets. To put it simply, he was dumping them on his ship. That’s it – there’s a huge pile of data slates just sitting on his ship like some cacophonous trophy.

So, it took one month, but a Starfield player has mapped out and visited absolutely everything possible in the game. That was fast – I think I remember saying it would take thousands of hours to accomplish that. I can’t imagine it was too entertaining, either.

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