Microsoft Wanted To Buy Square Enix

Square Enix canceled games loses

The case between Microsoft and the FTC continued on Wednesday in San Francisco, and with it came another reveal of a studio Microsoft wanted to purchase. According to unsealed documents, Microsoft wanted to try to buy Final Fantasy developer Square Enix to add to its portfolio.

According to unsealed documents from 2019, Microsoft wanted to buy Square Enix for a number of different reasons ahead of the launch of what became the Xbox Series X|S. One of which was to increase its content on Xbox Game Pass and grow the service subscriber base with new games available on Day One. Another reason was to help the company grow in the Asian markets where Xbox has historically struggled.

There was one other reason, as well, per the documents. According to what was unsealed, Microsoft wanted Square Enix in order to help it with “future mobile-exclusive Game Pass offerings”. That would suggest that Microsoft had a goal to bring Xbox Game Pass to mobile in addition to console and PC, where it currently is offered.

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