Is Nintendo Working With Google On A VR Headset?

Nintendo Google VR Headset

Could Nintendo and Google be working together in the world of virtual reality? According to Nash Weedle, who has a history of being accurate with Nintendo leaks in the past, Nintendo and Google are working together on a new VR headset.

The rumor claims that a prototype VR headset already exists. It’s also claimed that Nintendo is testing a micro-LED display from the recently Google-acquired Raxium.

In addition, it’s said that the device would be “independent of Switch 2” and be a mixed-reality headset. Being independent of any console seems to suggest that the device will be a standalone headset that works on its own akin to the the Oculus Quest headsets.

A venture into VR with Google wouldn’t be Nintendo’s first attempt in the space. Back in 1995, the company released the much-maligned Virtual Boy. Though not a true VR headset, the device was the first from the company to have players put something over their heads that allowed them to play games. Of course, the device didn’t find success due to the poor game quality and issues with motion sickness among users.

Insider Gaming hasn’t been able to independently verify the legitimacy of these rumors. For now, please take the information with a grain of salt.

Do you think there’s anything to Nintendo and Google working on a VR headset?