How To Vote For The Game Awards

How To Vote For The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2023 have announced the full list of nominees in over 30 categories. And now that the nominees are out there, it’s time to vote on the winners. But how can you vote for your favorite games in The Game Awards?

It’s actually pretty simple. To vote in each category, you just need to go to The Game Awards’ website. From there, go to the nominees page and choose the category you want to vote on.

You’ll have to create an account or sign in, but once you do, you can vote right there.

One thing to note about fan voting is that it’ll only count towards 10% of the award voting. The other 90% comes from a jury chosen to vote on the awards.

As far as why The Game Awards doesn’t do a 100% fan vote, the show’s website answers that in its FAQ section.

“Creating a 100% fan vote presents several challenges,” it reads. “First, given that some games are exclusive to one platform, a public vote puts single-platform games at an inherent disadvantage over multi-platform titles.

“In addition, it is important that winners cannot be ‘socially engineered’ in any way. We find that a blended vote is the most credible and authentic way to select winners.”

The Game Awards airs on Thursday, December 7 from the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles. The show will be aired live on YouTube and Twitch starting at 730 pm ET/430 pm PT